Inaccurate game information at lobby

peti29peti29 Posts: 117
edited December 2012 in Torchlight II Support

There is a problem that makes finding appropriate multiplayer games harder.
When I click on a game at the lobby and hover the mouse over it's players, their character level is displayed. But this information is not correct because when I enter the game they are revealed to be a couple of levels higher already. Is this their level from when they joined the game?
Refresh doesn't help. Actually, refresh feels like it doesn't do anything except for applying new filter settings when I happen to change them.
Also sometimes no players are shown at all in the game info until I click on another game and then I click back to this game, then the info is displayed again.
(Yesterday I encountered my first crash report. Is that something new? Though the game hardly ever crashes for me.)
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