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Hello Everyone!

I've made a nifty google spreadsheet to help optimize your stats from a standpoint of maximizing damage.

TL2 Stat Helper

The damage equation I use is a simple one (thanks to all the others for finding/validating this):
damage % = (1 + damBonus) * (1 + (0.5 + 0.004*STR) * DEX * (0.2002 - DEX * 0.0002))

For physical weapon dps such as Glaive Sweep with a physical weapon:
damBonus = phyBonus + 0.005*STR

For magical weapon dps such as Venomous Hail:
damBonus = magBonus + 0.005*STR + 0.005*FOC

For physical level-scaled skill damage such as Shattering Glaive (I have not tested or seen tested the phyBonus part of this one, but it seems logical):
damBonus = phyBonus + 0.005*FOC

For magical level-scaled skill damage such as Glaive Throw:
damBonus = magBonus + 0.005*FOC

The equation is for skills, not basic-attack (no execute or fumble). It also does not take into account the skill-dependent critical chance modifiers.

Basic Findings
There are some interesting findings! For example, consider this embermage character who deals magical level-scaled skill dps (these are gear and skill bonuses only):

Physical damage: 0%
Magic damage: 200%
Crit damage: 100%
Crit chance: 20%

With 500 total stat points, who would guess the optimal distribution is:

STR: 80
DEX: 160
FOC: 260

The optimal DEX is over half of the FOC stat, and strength is a little less than a third of FOC. This is surely surprising to me!
Drop the magic damage bonus down to 150%, and it changes to something we would more likely expect (but still significant DEX):

STR: 0
DEX: 100
FOC: 400

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy it and find it useful. If enough people like it I may improve a bit as well.

Love this game!!!!!!!
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