DW Melee/Bow Hybrid Solo outlander viable? (No poison)

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Hi everyone.

I really really want to make an dual wielder(swords) Outlander that uses only Fire and Shadow(Curses/Pacts) that sometimes uses bow skills to soften the mobs before engaging in melee.

I'll invest primarily in strength and the rest will go to either Dex(dodge,criticals) or Focus(more mana and execute chance) and 0 for vit.

Will try to use Fire swords/bows most of the time.

Skills will be: Dodge, Blade pact, Stone Pact, Rune Vault, ShadowShot, Burning Leap, Shadow Mantle, Shadowling Brute and maybe Flaming Glaives(Not sure if it is overpowered) and Share the wealth.

My strategy will be:

Max Shadow Mantle and use %reflect missiles gems to avoid ranged ****.
Use Blade Pact to slow and weaken enemies, use Rune Vault to blind them and then engage in melee(Fire), burn them and then Blind them again till they die.
Will use Ranged skills and bows only to Kill those nasty fire/frost mages and thin huge mobs that are impossible to engage in melee.


I will rely mostly in rune vault(completely blinding enemies) and shadow mantle to stay alive, but they only get "reliable" at later levels, until then I'll probably be instakilled in some evil dungeon, lol

My questions:

Is it viable on elite without re-roll?
If I have to re-roll, I'll farm only 1 or 2 Grell's eyes and maybe socket them into the Ghastly set(10% ADR + 2 Grell's eyes = 16% ADR). Will 16% ADR Get me to act II where I can farm uniques/ sets with + life %ADR?

Last and worst question: Dex, Focus or a bit of both?

Dex: Good chance to dodge, Crits :)
Focus: More mana and execute chance wich will burn enemies more often an will give me double life leech/- all armor per hit from both swords that I intend to have.

Thanks in advance :D


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