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I'll try to make this short.

First off, I am an RPG fan with specific likes/dislikes which reflect how I play games (if I play them at all). My history of RPGs includes the obvious (WoW, Diablo 1/2/3, Warhammer), the lesser known (Dungeon Siege 2/Xpack, Kingdom's of Amalur), and the old school (NetHack, ADoM). I have played all of these games purely because I found a way to play them that I enjoyed, typically in an 'outside-the-square' fashion, eg; I was a Shadow Priest before TBC, a dual-wield Blood DK, and a poison & bone Necro with no summons. My first run through TL2 was as a Bowlander on Elite, with almost all passives, cos I hate glaives. I've always loved the out-of-the-ordinary but awesome specialisations/classes in games, and always look for a way to make it my own... and now I have GUTS to help me do it.

Second thing to mention is that I am addicted to dual-wielding and bows in RPGs, and if there is ever a chance to use either option I will (in separate play-throughs). However, I do not want to mod anything simply to make dual-wielding better than the alternatives (as you will see below), I intend to make all gameplay styles viable where I can. I have played TL1 to the end and back multiple times, have installed countless mods and even tried making a few of my own. TL2 has now been completed with each class on Elite, and I'm at the stage where I want to try modding it slightly to create a more interesting and (hopefully) fun experience.

This particular mod is primarily looking at build diversity to allow more viable choices in Elite/EHC, such as; adding to the tankiness of dual-wield/2-hand Engineers without telling them to max Forcefield and roll on, and increasing the damage and potential of physical Outlanders instead of pushing them into Focus/glaives. Additionally, due to the extended delay on the GUTS release, I have been tweaking most aspects of TL2 gameplay.

Done. Let's move on.

General Game Changes

Base Stats


Currently the only base stat in the game with 2 effects instead of 3, and is used primarily for physical damage dealers. A common issue for physical damage is the absurd amounts of armour that Elite mobs have, which can be ignored by Focus based magic damage dealers. My thought was to allow Strength to punch through that armour by including a multiplicative %Armour Penetration effect, which would max out at 50% (allowing fist weapon users to reach 75% penetration).

I chose this as the 3rd effect of Strength as it fits quite well in gameplay, and its just logical that the stronger you get, the harder you hit, the deeper your weapon goes. However, another option I considered was to have Strength increase splash damage, and provide ranged weapons with a chance to pierce enemies. While this might be a better/more desirable option (lots of AoE in TL2), I'm not sure how easy it will be to implement until I get a hold of GUTS.


Being the dual-wield nut that I am, I was disappointed to see the removal of block chance for all weapon types that they had in TL1. I intend to add this back for all players wielding melee weapons, while still keeping the shield as the best blocking option. This will give some much needed survivability to dual-wield and 2-hand weapon builds (Elite Berserkers rejoice!).

Currently Vitality grants health, block chance and armour (this is the correct spelling, I'm Australian), and shields have a base block chance of 15%. If you are dual-wielding or using a 2-hand weapon, you will have no chance to block with vanilla TL2. My mod should grant you block chance based on your Vitality and gear, without the base 15% from wielding a shield.

Class Changes



Change to passive
Remove missile reflection
Add %HP shield that procs from executes

Iceshield has been a skill that I've rarely seen the need to use, even when surrounded by ranged enemies it just feels like a waste of points and mana. I would like to do a complete rework of the skill to make it more Berserker-like, but keep it as a defensive investment.

To do this, the skill will passively proc from executes, which requires the Berserker to get into the fray and hit stuff. Taking this risk will reward you with a shield that absorbs a percentage of your maximum HP for a few seconds, increasing with points spent on the skill. With a high execute chance, this shield could continually refresh while fighting, however you will need to be putting yourself in dangerous positions for this to be possible.

Rage Retaliation

Change to active
Add missile reflection
Change to 100% reflection chance for short duration

With Iceshield as a passive, one of the Tundra passives needs to be made an active skill. I feel that Rage Retaliation is the best option for this, as it can incorporate the original effect of Iceshield to make it a good choice for reflecting damage back on attackers.

The best implementation for this type of skill is an "Oh ****" button, that can be used when you jump into sticky situations. So the duration of this skill will be short, and it's cooldown long, however while active the Berserker will have 100% chance to reflect damage back to physical attackers (melee and ranged). Its main purpose is a physical damage immunity, while also providing minimal damage.



Coup de Grace

Add proc to Executes

An awesome skill idea, but unfortunate implementation. Unless you are pumping everything into Strength, and are using an ability which stuns on a regular basis (not too difficult), this passive isn't as great as it looks. I intend to change that.

Coup de Grace translates to "strike of mercy" or thereabouts, so to me it seems logical to have this occur on Executes as well as stunned opponents. This would give dual-wield Engineers another damage source, even if they decide to pump a few points into Focus it will be very beneficial. Which leads me to my next point, regarding the damage increase being based solely on Strength.

For a 2-hand Engineer, Strength is a key stat to invest in. You have a big hammer, you want that hammer to hurt. I have no problem with Strength affecting the damage, however I am unsure if it is also being affected by Focus with the '+Magic Damage'. This will be something I will investigate when GUTS is released.


Change damage to fire
Allow proc to occur with pistols

Right now, this passive is amazing, especially for fast attacking dual-weilders (see: d3vlyn). However, it currently deals physical damage based on weapon DPS, which I don't feel fits quite right. The Engineer is based around tankiness, electricity and fire. For the tankier Engineer builds, there are a lot of electricity damage sources, but not too much in the way of fire damage to make use of the outstanding 'Fire and Spark' passive. I intend to change this passive to deal '%Weapon DPS as Fire' with the same numbers, and same effects.

Second change to Supercharge is to add pistols as another weapon type, which is just something I feel should be included based on what I think the Engineer is. Makes sense that the 'technology-based' class uses gunpowder weapons, and while they have skills that use cannons there is nothing that adds to pistol damage.

Force Field

Reduce absorbtion amount
Add increased Charge gain while active

Fairly straighforward change here. As many are aware, Force Field is quite useful, in fact too useful. It absorbs ridiculous amounts of damage at the moment, so most Engineers are almost forced to take it in Elite. To rectify this, I will be reducing the amount of absorbtion of the shield, but at the same time give the Engineer an increase in Charge gain while it is active. This will allow more use of a weaker shield, which will almost balance out as long as you continue to attack and gain Charge.

Aegis of Fate

Change to passive damage reduction
Increase damage reduction based on Charge level

In vanilla, Aegis is by far my preferred choice over Forcefield, mainly due to the fact that FF is severely overpowered right now, and also because I dislike having a giant soap bubble surrounding me. Don't get me wrong, I like the concept of using your Charge for shields, its just too much right now, which is why I have also made some tweaks to FF in this mod.

Engineers have the best Charge mechanic in the game, so I feel that Charge management should be one of their primary playstyle requirements. So for Aegis I am looking at taking it in a completely new direction, instead of being another shield that blocks all damage while active. I prefer the option of passive damage reduction, which increases with the Engineer's level of Charge. This way, you will need to balance having your charge high for larger mitigation, or using it for damage/FF shields/crowd control.


Skill Movement

I have always seen the Outlander's skill trees as odd, as there were a number of skills in each tree that I felt were in the wrong place. For example, having Vortex Hex in Warfare, but Repulsion Hex in Sigil... why not keep the hexes in the same tree? So I have taken the liberty of shifting them around to make more sense, while keeping them close to the same level unlock. Below is the rundown:


Vortex Hex - Sigil
Shattering Glaive - Lore
Rune Vault - Lore


Tangling Shot - Warfare
Burning Leap - Warfare
Poison Burst - Warfare


Master of the Elements - Lore

Poison Burst

Make poison stack up to 5 per target
Change chance to explode on death to 100%
Inflict enemies near death explosion with poison stack

Poison Burst is currently very good in one aspect, and very bad in another. The %weapon DPS being dealt as Poison damage is excellent, however it is the sole reason for picking up this skill, as the chance to explode on death is almost non-existant (and almost never occurs when playing in groups). My changes revolve around the death explosion, and how the poison works.

First off, the poison will properly be a stacking debuff, up to 5 times per target. This simplifies the poison damage portion, preventing exploits while still giving the Outlander useful sustained damage. Secondly, if a target dies while afflicted by Poison Burst, they will explode and apply a single poison stack to each enemy nearby. This will give the skill more viability in group play, while providing the possibility of chaining explosions for excellent AoE damage.

Shadowling Ammo

Change to 'on hit'
Add life steal to Shadowling attacks

This change has already been talked about a lot on the forums, and some have even made it happen via .dat modifications, and I'm all for it. The random nature of 'on kill' abilities is frustrating at times, and becomes pointless in groups... especially when these little guys die in 1-2 hits. Making Shadowling Ammo proc on hits will make it a worthwhile passive to invest in, and will allow more viable builds, although the proc chance will need to be reduced.

Additionally, I feel that adding life steal to the Shadowling attacks will give them more utility, and make it a fantastic survivability passive. Their damage is small and they die quickly, so it will not likely be an overpowered skill, but one that pulls its weight at higher ranks.

I'm already looking forward to having weak little bats tank for me, even if a single AoE attack from a boss will take them all out...

Shotgonne Mastery

Incorporate into Long Range Mastery

A simple change, which I feel will make using shotgonnes a lot easier, because you will already be pumping points into Long Range Mastery anyway. So now when you find a shotgonne with similar stats to your bow/xbow/pistol, you can feel comfortable slotting it into your second weapon slot without worrying that it won't be effective.

Bane Breath

Change to passive
Change name to Shadow Bane to better reflect skill
Basic attacks apply Bane Breath debuff while at full Charge
Shadowling Fiend spawns after killing targets affected by Bane Breath

Major rework of one of the most disappointing skills in the Outlander's repertoire. Unfortunately this was yet another 'on-kill' ability, that had no use in group play, and was almost as useless in solo play. The range of the ability was very short, meaning you had to get up in the face of your enemies (which as an Outlander is not the best thing to do). Additionally, the skill itself had to kill the enemy for the Shadowling Fiend to spawn, which is quite unlikely when you have multiple sources of damage hitting the same target.

So, instead of trying to make the skill more user-friendly, I have decided to completely rework it into a passive to replace Master of the Elements (which I have moved to the Lore tree). This skill (now called Shadow Bane) will passively grant your basic attacks the Bane Breath debuff, but only while you are at full Charge. This debuff deals poison damage to the target, and marks it to spawn a Shadowling Fiend when it dies. Each fiend lasts for a short duration, and explode when they die or expire.


Reduce duration
Change to 100% missile and elemental absorbtion
Change blind to apply on activation

Shadowmantle is currently quite strong in certain situations, however is useless when facing melee attackers or mages. The changes I am making to this skill will allow it to be used as an "Oh ****" button, which will blind all enemies nearby and provide a short-term absorbtion shield for ranged and elemental attacks.


These are all my own ideas, and as such it is likely that not everyone will like them, or they may be terribly unbalanced. So please leave your comments below, including any constructive suggestions you may have. Hopefully by the time GUTS is released I will have a suitable model to work with.

Cheers ;)
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