Ember Shock level 11

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I have an alchemist level 60 and i like to use the ember shock to stun ennemies (it makes great damages too). But when put the maximum 10 ability points on it, i can see a propose of level 11 stats and level 40 requierement:

http://img534.imageshack.us/img534/637/ ... 400001.jpg

But i can't put any more points on it, so i came here to ask you if it was a graphic bug or if there is way to unlock it.. Maybe with a specific statistic on a piece of armor ?

Thank you in advance for your help :) .

Great Game.


  • dreamriderdreamrider Posts: 1,727
    That extra level shows on the Skill stat pop up for all Skills. However, it is not possible to put any Skill above Level 10 in unmodded Torchlight.

    I believe that the code and display were written to accomodate higher levels to accomodate mods, and possibly to accomodate later developments. Having it actually SHOW in basic Torchlight is a glitch.

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