Vanq. Trapper vs. Alch. Summoner

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Hi folks! Apologies if this is an old question. I've just started playing Torchlight, and there's lots I'm still learning.

Having played the game a few times on normal vanilla mode, I was really struck by how powerful the Charm minion summoning spells are. And having loved the Necromancer and Assassin Trapper of Diablo 2, I thought I'd try something similar.

My question is: do you find an Alchemist Summoner or a Vanquisher Trapper with heavy summons more powerful/fun?

As I understand it, both can max Pet Mastery, and Charm Mastery. And either way, I figure I'd put Zombies/Archers on the pet, and three different-level Skeleton Warrior spells on myself.

So I guess the real difference is between the other skills. The Alchemist can use Burning Bind (and, to a lesser extent, the Thorns skill) to increase the damage of his pets/summons. While the Vanquisher can use traps, especially a combo of Flechette/Devourer trap, to add extra damage.

In general is one of these two more effective? Because all other things being equal, I think I'd go with the Vanquisher. Sexier. :)
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