[RESOURCE] Modder's Resource: Diablo 1 Sound Effects

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I've collected a set of nearly the entirety of Diablo 1's sound effects. They're all in .wav format, so they should be ready to plug & play into your custom mod projects. Please note that I did not convert any of these files personally; I found them in bits and pieces from various free sites and thought they might be useful to others in one file downloadable from a reasonably fast server.


So far we've seen Diablo music mods and even Diablo 3 HUD mods without repercussions, so I'm hoping this file won't 'cross the line'. If a moderator/dev team member find this file unacceptable, please let me know and I will of course remove the download immediately.




  • You sir, are A M A Z I N G !!!

    I scoured the net looking for this and only found a few files. I wasn't looking forward to loading up d1 and recording every sound. I'll be putting these to good use. THANK YOU!
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