[VIDEO] Ravage on Ice!: Oneshotting Tartarus Elite

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Hey all,

As I have fiddled with the Engineer and Outlander I felt it was time to take a turn with the Berserker. The video is a small clip of some Elite Tartarus 150-200 level mobs and a couple of humorous deaths from not paying attention :D
The build I am using is a shamelessly tweaked version of Xkillas build, stacking Focus, and abusing the mechanics discussed recently in the Outlander Forum by kelvinwan. Credit where credits due and all that.

YouTube Video (available in HD)
Direct Download (HD)[/color]

You can level with wands for a bit, or hunt elemental weapons. I farmed the eyes on my Outlander and had them sitting in the bank ready to put into weapons as soon as Ravage was available. The rest of the gear is non-specific, I used 5pc Harbinger, 2pc Asphyx (often found at the gambler) and 3pc Aristocrat which I traded for; this set is excellent as Xkilla points out for mana regen (I use it on both my Outlanders as well). The Hammers are one of the most common high-level maces found at the gamblers, I have many on my mule account.

Hope you enjoy!
PS Happy Christmas!


  • Awesome, was a lot of fun watching that :D I just noted in another thread the fun I was having with these [LINK DELETED] my damage went down significantly =/ I was kinda bummed lol. Find a legendary and it just does not work near as well :P It actually had me wondering about proc based builds today and here is this post and video! And fantastic link to Kelvinwan's post as well! Looks great, I love maces haha. I know exactly what weapons I want at 100 now! Question for you. I'm sure it could be done although I'm betting rather painfully in the early levels...did you level this build from scratch or have a 100 Berk and respec her over to how she is now? Anyhow, great vid! Thanks :D
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  • Great, cool, thanks istma.gif
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    I did level her from 1 using nothing but Focus, mostly by equipping wands that I had in my Shared Stash. I have a lot of characters, so I had the advantage of a decent pool of gear to use from the start. I started using Elemental Melee weapons at about 30ish, and Aleeras shortly afterwards. I am certain it is doable with no twinking; I just felt that I had levelled enough characters already and was very keen to get grinding the Mapworks.

    I guess you can say I cheated a little; but then I have no problem with builds that only work if you respec at 100. My main priority these days with builds is having fun; the levelling experience has gotten rather boring for me!
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    Do you think it will work with savage rush? Someone needs to test what procs faster..
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    pl4t wrote:
    Do you think it will work with savage rush? Someone needs to test what procs faster..

    No, it doesn't. I actually ended up using Xkillas build because it seemed the best way to proc anything. It is completely hilarious. What I found difficult with 3 other classes just became so very easy-and an awful lot of guilty fun!
  • Sweeter, curious if you had considered something like +10 crit in each and a +60 crit damage as well for +20/+120. I was wondering this today, have not gemmed my maces yet. Do you believe the extra 20% for glacial proc is better? Having not done any research on crit damage etc I actually don't know if that 20/120 would effect the glacial proc's anyhow lol. Thanks!

    Just made 100 last night and loving the super burst damage this build has(I'm actually slightly different build...but same principle. Things die lol) When it proc's, and it proc's a lot, things just explode lol. Actually one more question since you've obviously done it for several characters. Do you find it better to gamble for your gear or am I better off trying my luck with the boon merchant? I think I've bought a good 75-100 necklaces at the gambler now and not seen one of the top lvl 100 set ones from any class lol.
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    My base crit is 62% and with my Frenzy bar being almost constantly on in anycase, I think 10% crit gems would be a waste of time. I do think that 2-4 60% crit damage gems to replace the eyes would probably yield better DPS but I used all of mine on my melee Embermage recently so am looking to aquire some more before I do any proper testing-but consoling seemed to indicate that was better DPS, especially on bosses.

    I get all my gear from Gambling and Trading plus Tartarus/NG1-5. Ive only personally ever had 3 boons scrolls and used them all at max level. I have an awful lot of built up pieces in my stash and tend to have a very clear idea of a top end gear set before I start a char. The only pieces I find really hard to get are decent rolls on blue set pieces such as Aristocrat/Dragonrift. My +Str on my Outlanders Aristocrat took nearly 3 months to complete.
  • After posting I was thinking that extra crit was likely not needed after already having well past 50% I happen to have 4 60% right now, but just, that were going to be used on my embermages wand but I might get impatient and try it out rather than waiting for more lol. I seem to be just the opposite lol. I seem to have ok luck finding the aristo/sent/etc etc merchant gears but it seems to take me a good 4-500K ish per piece in the gambler. Having just made 100 and my first character that is a fair bit of cash lol. I can only imagine the costs of enchanting all this :P I see a lot of people cash/loot farming in Duncraig maps. I've not tried them yet, might have to see how they are!
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  • BTW I looked at your shotgun build and I like the looks of it. Very nice! That is pretty much what I'd like to play on my outlander. I was originally going to try a modified proc based build but honestly my berserker will be enough **** character for me lol.The shot gun build looks like a lot of fun!
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  • Hey, I like the ravage on ice idea, might just pull a second berserker up for that. Why did you choose two hammers of retribution ? Does the 25% glacial spike from the off hand also proc onto the ravage, or does it just count into a a "general" glacial spike chance ?
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    Thaddaeus wrote:
    Hey, I like the ravage on ice idea, might just pull a second berserker up for that. Why did you choose two hammers of retribution ? Does the 25% glacial spike from the off hand also proc onto the ravage, or does it just count into a a "general" glacial spike chance ?

    Both, actually :D
  • Sweet. Do you think that one or two eyes of Stennbrun would boost the damage of glacial spike considerably ?
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    Not really, you're better off with Wfuntirs.
  • What do you use the battle standard for ? "Just" for the dodge ?
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    Thaddaeus wrote:
    What do you use the battle standard for ? "Just" for the dodge ?

    Haha, I love the quotes around just. Pretty much, the additional benefits aren't nothing, but the dodge is the main point. Things die so fast at maximum level, I seldom use it apart from in Tartarus when swamped or facing really brutal mobs/bosses.
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    I have a quick question about ravage, and procing socketed items.

    Ravage only works if you have a melee weapon equipped in right hand (kind of bummed me out, was looking at trying a mad-genius beserker build with wand in right hand, and melee in left to still give me access to skills like ravage).

    So... does ravage proc weapons in my left hand even if it's not a melee weapon? I have a legendary wand called The Black Glove (http://torchlight.wikia.com/wiki/The_Black_Glove) that I want to equip in my left hand and use ravage... socketing 2 Yellow Basilisk Eyes in it, and 4 Yellow Basilisk Eyes in a melee weapon in my right hand so have a total 55% chance to proc Thunder x3 each time I use ravage. Will this work?
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    Was able to test the above myself and answered my own question: Yes... the wand procs Thunder when I use ravage.
  • LOL If you look 5 posts above yours you would have seen your question asked and answered and saved yourself some time testing. But the double confirmation is nice.
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    Nice post
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