The Clawlander Commander

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Don't know if there are any guides for making a Clawlander (Claws + Outlander, how clever!), and this post isn't one either, I'd just like to share my experiences with it so far. Will post pics and elaborate later (go ahead and ask questions), TL;DR version at bottom.

Class: Outlander
Weapon of Choice: Claws
Difficulty: Veteran
Number of playthroughs: 1
Recommended for ****?: xD

Current look:

Old look:

And here I am with my BFF Commander Vale (NSFW):
Just kidding

It's important to note that this is the first Clawlander I've made. I've followed no guides so it's totally experimental. The result is an exciting, invigorating, sphinxter-puckering, but most importantly, fun character.

The goal was to make an Outlander that uses 2 claws and focuses on melee combat. Not 1 claw and a shield, not a shadowling summoner, just the best brawler possible with the OL's skills. It just so happens that Outlanders have skills suited for melee.

Level 100 Clawlander (NG+)
2nvbhp4.png 1znpn3c.png

From what little attention I pay to min-max threads, I've made the guess that pumping FOC is good for Magic dmg claws and Execute while STR is good for boosting Physical dmg claws and Magic dmg too for some reason.

Obviously those stat boosts are crazy, but they're overkill, you can knock-off points in all areas and get about the same performance, you'll just do less damage. The bonuses are a combination of finding gear with generous stat boosts, Borris, lucky useful gear finds, and a bit of gear donated by other players. So yes, like I assume is the case with all under-played builds, this character is gear dependent.

Here's my current gear:

New gear I need to enchant:

Back-up Shotgun:
  • Use "Ladder Gear" as much as you can, pieces of gear that let you wear something stronger. Using some crappy Lv.30 gear is worth it if it lets you use other gear that's 40 times above your level. At some point you'll have to upgrade the crappy gear though! I passed that point a long time ago, but I like orange so I've kept the Granite Shoulders lol.
  • I like electric attacks so I look for stuff with +Thunder and +Electric Damage. Every time Thunder hits everything frikkin' explodes, it's awesome.
  • I'm favoring gear that has "+X HP/sec for every monster within 3 meters" over Health Steal. I'm constantly in the fray, so I automatically get hundreds of HP regen per second, even while dodging or escaping!, instead of having to hit monsters to regenerate.
  • Keep an eye on your defenses! You don't need 1000 in each type of armor, but it helps a ton early on and in NG+. Now playing late NG+, I'm very susceptible to critical hit OHKOs, no matter how much armor I stack. You're going to have to harvest some baby monster skulls for damage reduction and HP. (I recently upgraded gear, but lost a ton of Vitality, I'm squishy again)

How does multiplayer affect the Clawlander?
The current build is effective, but it has drawbacks. The more players there are, the less viable this build becomes (this specific unoptomized build, not Clawlanders in general):
Single Player: Can tank almost anything 1v1, can handle most mobs with a little help from Glaive Sweep.

Two Players: Can tank almost anything 1v1; Glaive Sweep gets heavy use to keep mobs off your back and recover HP.

Three Players+: For 1v1 battles, if you forget to cast Stone Pact (healing) you're screwed. If you do cast it, you can bring the monster down with a combination of all your abilities (stun/heal/dodge/DoT/etc.), like using all your elemental powers combined to transform into Captain Planet, except Heart is Rage, Wind is Incoherent Screaming, and Earth is pummeling your foe into **** slurry with a thousand giant knives strapped to your fists; Mobs are a problem because even though you're dodging a ton of blows the ones that do get through hurt big time due to low health/resists. It's possible to be a total badass and run headfirst into mobs, keeping them busy with your mad skillz until your backup arrives, but it's not recommended and should only be done to show how big your titanium ****/ovaries are.

What classes combo well with Clawlanders?
[will elaborate later]
  • Clawlanders love Engineers.
  • Clawlanders don't like Embermages but will team up with them if they can keep monsters distracted or outright annihilate them. I think the problem is that Embermages are simply designed to destroy, they don't have any playstyle that compliments a Clawlander, at least not from what I've seen from playing with them. Embermages tend to shoot wildly at everything, this makes it hard for the Clawlander to plan attacks. Another problem is that their crazy flashy spammy attacks sometimes don't let you see what's going on and therefore can't react appropriately.
  • Clawlanders have no beef with Berzerkers and will pair up with them any time, unless they smell really, really bad that day.
  • Clawlanders and Outlanders work okay, Clawlander is melee and Outlander is ranged support to keep stray monsters off your back. I don't remember if both Stone Pacts/Share the Wealth/etc. stack though.

Wasn't hard to decide what skills to pick. All the long range stuff is automatically off the list and I don't like summoning things, so the skills picked themselves.

Primary Active Skills
Stone Pact
I can't believe this in-game hack is a skill lol. Stone Pact is the main reason this character stays alive, the constant healing along with Dodge Mastery does wonders for your squishy insides. It allows you to tank almost anything, and the reflected damage is a neat bonus.

Blade Pact
Reduces monster physical armor so your claws can tear through easier. It's also nice to turn enemies into slugs, especially useful against Werewolves because they will **** your **** up with the quickness. Leaving it at 10 points has worked well, 15 doesn't make much of a difference.

Glaive Sweep
Crazy skill with lots of benefits, it's a must-have for this build to deal with mobs. The Stun and Knockback are the main draw, the Charge regen is cool but you can build that quickly anyway because of how fast your Claws are.

Cursed Daggers
A nice chunk of damage reduction and it can kill most weak monsters in seconds, letting you focus on bigger threats. The perks after leveling it up to 15 are nice, but they're never a conscious factor when I use this.

Secondary Active Skills
Rune Vault (1 temporary point)
That's right, I rarely use Rune Vault in Single Player, I use it like an "Eject Button" when things get way too hairy. The neat thing about Rune Vault is that you keep backflipping as long as you hold down the button, it can be used as an emergency escape or simply as mobility. You backflip in the opposite direction the cursor is, so with some practice (and a steady supply of mana) you can very quickly cross an entire map. The Blindness is great combined with your already high Dodge chance.

Burning Leap
This is the upgrade to Rune Vault. Knockback + Fire Damage is nice, but what's awesome is that you can single out a target from a mob with this skill. You Burning Leap in their face and knock them back the entire time you're flying, isolating them and doing some nice damage as well. You also land right in front of them so you can keep on jackhammering away. Also, it has no cool down so keep separating them as far as you want! It **** up mana though so I can only get off a few Fei Long-ish Dragon Kicking leaps, luckily you only need 1 or 2 to create comfortable distance.

You can also use this skill to do damage without knocking the monster back! Instead of aiming BL directly at the monster, aim it slightly to the side of it, this inflicts damage but the monster doesn't move (or moves very little). Meanwhile you continue forward and land safely at a distance, giving you time to cast any support spells and use BL again. You can destroy a monster without it ever touching you this way, especially if you have a pet to distract it.

Shadowling Brute
No. NO! Summoning allies only takes away from the Clawlander's inevitable victory. If you want something done right and hog all the glory then you have to do it yourself!

Shattering Glaive
Even with only 1 point, it's entirely possible to throw your claws away and rely on this attack for all your damage, but you're not going to do that because you aren't a ****. Clawlanders shred through the battlefield like a blender set to "Liquify" and "Crush Ice" at the same time, so don't be a pansy by using this skill as a crutch. Feel free to use it to make farming easier though.

Similar in effectiveness to Shattering Glaive, it's crazy strong and each tornado can hit and stun repeatedly. Use it to clear out corridors in a jiffy (BL can do it too, but this is safer), unleash a tornado storm to wipe out entire rooms! It's also good for taking out those deadly turrets from the safety of around a corner. Simply stand where they can't hit you and toss a bunch of Sandstorms in the turret's general direction, or bounce it off a wall for style points. And if a Sand Hulk ever dares trap you like the feral animal you are, quickly tear down the rock walls with your blade storm!

Passive Skills
Poison Burst
This has been great for shortening the length of mob skirmishes, which is important because the longer you fight the greater the chance you're going to get lucky-punched (or lucky-stabbed, lucky-smashed, lucky-brain-eaten) and die. Later on if you find good gear that deals lots of damage you won't need this anymore. I set mine to 2 points and haven't looked back.

Master of the Elements
This is a must if you want to be an elemental Clawlander and is all-around useful. Do you want to have average electric attacks and be nicknamed "Sparky" or do you want to be called "THUNDER-RULER, MASTER OF LIGHTNING AND CRACKLING FLESH!!!"?

Share the Wealth
Because, hey, why not!

Passive Spells
These are simply what I've found so far:

Elemental Protection
Absolutely vital early in the game, low defenses and HP means you're going to die a lot to critical hits. This should be abandoned later on as the benefits are negligible compared to how much damage monsters deal.

This gives a bigger bonus to attack than Weapons Expertise.

Armor Expertise

Other skills/spells will be preferred if you decide to go summoner/elemental/etc. In other words, if you're a spineless jelly-filled donut of an Outlander, then by all means, use Summon Skeletons and Summon Fluffy Puffballs and ****. Summon Spore is acceptable though, they're cute!

Playstyle & Tactics
Now that all the boring **** is out of the way, let's learn what it's like to be a Clawlander.

The way of the Clawlander is not for the faint of heart or spirit. You are going to die, and you are going to die a lot until you understand how to handle yourself. You need to be fluid as wine and steady as stone, you must be alert to everything around you while focusing your savagery at the beast in front of you. Skirting the battlezone gets you killed, you must sack-up and jump into the fray because that is the safest and most dangerous place to be in all of Vilderan.

...but it helps.

Here's a term I will become legendary for 8-) ; This Clawlander's battle-style is called Multi-Tanking.

What is Multi-Tanking?
Multi-Tanking is when you tank a group of enemies individually.

What the **** are you on about?!

A typical encounter goes like this:
1. Clawlander sees a mob of enemies and flips the **** out. Who are all these punks invading my homeland, eating my berries and beer and ****! She casts Stone Pact/Blade Pact/Cursed Daggers/Elemental Protection, whatever the prep work needs to be.

2. The monsters and Clawlander clash head on, blood is splattering, teeth are flying in all directions like pearly white shrapnel! Glaive Sweep is used to Knockback and Stun everything in range.

3. Now that they're Stunned and scattered, the Clawlander picks a target and goes to work, jackhammering away at the hapless foe.

4. The other guys recover and start mobbing the Clawlander again, so they get another faceful of Glaive Sweep, and the Clawlander is free to go back to decimating the previous target, focusing on it like a shark after that one particular seal with a heart-shaped birthmark on its tail because sharks hate cute **** like that. (Sharklander? lol).

Stone Pact/Blade Pact/Glaive Sweep are continually used/recast as needed throughout the battle until all enemies are dead.

That's the jist of it, why does it work?
  • Stone Pact is great but it can only do so much. Your other skills and abilities combined with Stone Pact turn you into a tank that heals too fast to be killed. I've tanked every boss so far even with the crappy gear. Mobs are great to jump into because if you ever need to heal in a hurry, you just Glaive Sweep to buy a few seconds to let Stone Pact heal or use a potion.
  • A problem arises if you have low health/defenses like me, you get OHKO'd by lucky crit punches. It's suicide to go after mobs of monsters that deal DoT, it stacks up and you die quickly. In those cases it's best to kill those monsters first or Stun them constantly with Glaive Sweep (it doesn't have a cooldown so feel free to spam it until they're Stunned). You can also fallback to Poison Daggers to do all the damage, they have built in knockback and you shouldn't ever be damaged with Burning Leap and Glaive Sweep to keep the monster away.
  • The Clawlander auto-attacks so mana is rarely a problem since mana recharges while fighting. Minimal Mana Steal is helpful though.
  • My health spikes up and down constantly during battles because it's low, it can be nerve-wracking but I have to have faith that the skills will keep me alive, and they usually do.

As you can see, it's a straightforward playstyle, despite the wall of text.

TL;DR Version
  • Clawlanders like health steal/proximity regen, damage reduction, being in mobs, Engineers, and stuffed jalapenos
  • Clawlanders hate DoT done to them, shielded monsters (my pet has 100% shield break to help), not being twinked, and non-stuffed jalapenos. I don't think they even like jalapenos, they just like the sweet, sweet cheese and boiled Sturmbeornen tongue stuffed inside.
  • Try to get your Health and Defenses to a comfortable point as soon as possible, after that you can spend the rest of your sockets and gear customizing the Clawlander.
  • You should have minimal problems with mobs since almost every skill has crowd control and splash damage! Burning Leap, Glaive Sweep, Poison Daggers, and Shattering Glaive can all be used as crowd killers.
  • Stone Pact/Blade Pact/Glaive Sweep/Burning Leap/Every Freaking Skill At Your Disposal are continually used/recast as needed until all enemies are dead.

Why did you call it the Clawlander Commander?
Because once a bunch of people join, my weak defenses keep me out of the fight, so I hang back and spit out witty one-liners and command the team to kill faster and give me any claws they find 8-)


  • SweeterSweeter Posts: 326
    10/10, would totally farm Tartarus with, I love sphincter-puckering moments as much as the next person.

    Also you look badass.
  • DarkTailsDarkTails Posts: 4,148
    As of your post, reviews of this class are 100% positive. 8-)

    Also, yesss, I think the character looks cool (I like orange things lol). It's too bad I'll have to get a mishmash of gear soon to stay alive.

    I think getting lucky with Boris's enchants is going to determine whether I can keep using gear I like or have to use stuff I don't like.
  • SweeterSweeter Posts: 326
    DarkTails wrote:
    As of your post, reviews of this class are 100% positive. 8-)

    Also, yesss, I think the character looks cool (I like orange things lol). It's too bad I'll have to get a mishmash of gear soon to stay alive.

    I think getting lucky with Boris's enchants is going to determine whether I can keep using gear I like or have to use stuff I don't like.

    Well if you aren't a purist that hates handouts (and if you are thats ok!) and are looking for some claws, I have 17 that need a good home. They look sad just lying in my stash.

    If I were you I would get gear to the point where your mainhand gets to be about .3 speed and socket healthsteal. On vet, it makes you pretty much immortal as you leech faster than most things can hurt you. Shadowmantle might be a good investment too, to deal with nasty missiles.
    Haste and Dervish are also excellent spells for this build.
  • DarkTailsDarkTails Posts: 4,148
    I don't mind handouts, but I want to see how well this works without help. I managed to find a better chest piece today, a socket enchanter, and an electric enchanter. Even without having filled the extra sockets, the Electric enchants alone have me doing 5,000+ crits when Thunder triggers, so I'm happy lol. Also now have like 50% Electric Damage reduction plus lots of Electric armor/reflect. Thundering Clawlander! @[email protected]

    I've decided Burning Leap is awesome, added some notes about it in the first post. It's mainly useful for isolating a monster from a pack.

    Also got rid of Shadowling Brute with no ill effect.
  • I have finished a single playthrough of the game with a melee outlander on Veteran (I didnt restrict myself to claws though) and I swear it is the hardest thing ever when you are playing solo and untwinked.

    The concept was cool and at very late game, you'll be so survivable for a melee, that with a shield, you can reach 75% block and dodge easily coupled with stacks for socket -%DRs and HP, but the game doesn't start at late game.

    Auto attacking stuff isn't fun anymore once mobs started getting tanky and hitting harder and doing that is suicide for a melee class with no innate -25% DR. I had to use a unique cannon once I reached Act 4.

    Bosses and hard mobs take ages to finish. 1v1 is awesome with the pacts but killing anything takes forever. Also the lack of "screen wipeout" skill hurts so bad and I realized that when I reached the Arena of Slaughter.
  • DarkTailsDarkTails Posts: 4,148
    I haven't even tried the Arena of Slaughter yet, I'll try it today. So far Glaive Sweep + Burning Leap has worked wonders on most mobs, with my pet helping to break shields 100% of the time. It's not a screen wipe out but it's a screen push out lol
  • Very nicely written but wouldnt a shield + 1 handed sword, mace, etc be better for the damage reduction + splash?
  • DarkTailsDarkTails Posts: 4,148
    Yeah, if you want to make a Macelander or Shieldlander, but then you can't call them Clawlanders lol

    Also, woohoo! Someone tossed me a pair of Haymakers and the gambler gave me a pair of Bashdrillers or whatever they're called, they both have Electric damage so I'm happy. I just have to find an Electric & Socket enchanters to pump them up.
  • TMoritaTMorita Posts: 16
    Hope the Haymakers are working well for you :)

  • DarkTailsDarkTails Posts: 4,148
    I started playing again recently and got this character to Lv80. It plays about the same but the combat is about a thousand times more visceral and you die about a thousand times more if you aren't 100% focused on the game.

    I'm going to update the first post, along with tactics for each skill.
  • Tomorrow I've got a 6 hour surgery and a 23 hour hospital stay.

    You know what is going to keep me fighting and bring me home alive?

    The idea that I will play this build when I get home.
  • DarkTailsDarkTails Posts: 4,148
    Lol, get ready for a world of pain! (mostly from playing a Clawlander)

    I updated a few sections, punched up a few lines. I'm sure I missed some important points so feel free to ask questions.
  • DarkTailsDarkTails Posts: 4,148
    Alrighty, I tried passing the game and got smacked around like a newborn by the Alchemist, managed to defeat him after a few deaths. I don't want this embarrassment to happen with the Netherlord so I pumped up! Now at Lv90 and taking on the Alchemist again to see if I improved.

    I can now easily solo Tarroch's Tomb past the Tar King stage. Explosions absolutely OHKO me though so I have to be extremely careful by sticking with Poison Daggers to finish off monsters and switching to Tesla's Lament for range. Maybe investing in Shattering Glaive would have been a good idea to have an innate strong ranged attack.

    -New claw, amulet, helm, and ring (will update gear pic)
    -New boots and gloves need to be enchanted.
    -Socketed everything to da maxxx!
    -Now hunting for Health and %DR skulls.
    -Took points off FOC and DEX put them in STR and VIT. I'm not seeing a big difference in damage, monsters still die in crispy-fried agony. I may put points back to Focus if I find more gear that deals tons of lightning damage.
    -Health is now almost double from before thanks to new gear and a Health skull I found, I'm MUCH happier!
  • DarkTailsDarkTails Posts: 4,148
    After discovering Sweeter's Clone Claw-mander, I've decided to **** this ol' girl to the nines. And by "nines" I mean TO DA 11's!!!

    Clawlanders don't give a fiery leaping **** if that made sense or not!

    Stay tuned as I massacre baby monsters on Casual to farm kick-**** items!

    EDIT: ****! Shattering Glaive is nuts! At one point it's already consistently doing 15-50k damage! Plus splash damage!
  • DarkTailsDarkTails Posts: 4,148
    More quick bits of info:
    • I tried juicing up FOC and then STR to see if it made a difference in damage. There's no significant change in how fast you kill things, at least not in Veteran.
    • Poison Daggers kills a lot of the weaker mob monsters before they even reach you, so if you see a group, spray them with daggers so you can concentrate on the leader. It should be a habit by now any way, spray with daggers, cast pacts, etc.
    • Shattering Glaive is frikkin' strong, and you can spam it almost non-stop! It doesn't build charge but who gives a ****, everything dies quickly in an eruption of guts and eyeballs anyway. I only use it for farming items faster, Clawlanders don't need no stinkin' glaive crutch!
  • DarkTailsDarkTails Posts: 4,148
    MOAR updates
    • Now at Lv100, this is my first character to reach it.
    • Can play comfortably with 2 people, at 3 people the game is still fun but tough, 4+ it gets brutal.
    • Tactics haven't changed much but I find myself flying around a lot more with BL. BL > Glaive Sweep (stun 95%!) > jackhammer a target > BL to the next. If I stop for a second or two some **** ranged monster will snipe me, or the environmental hazards will get me.
    • Try to BL at monsters in a straight line, often you will completely destroy them or at least do heavy damage with just one attack! My, how lovely your rippling sinewy lady muscles have grown!
  • longfellowlongfellow Posts: 15
    Hi ....don't know if you are interested but I have taken my or should I say your ""Clawlander"" to level 38 on ****. Great build and thanks again.

    [i]I love sphincter-puckering moments as much as the next person.[/i]....yup a few of these.. but after Stone Pact everything seemed to fall into place.

    Thank you :D
  • DarkTailsDarkTails Posts: 4,148
    ^ Yay! xD

    Keep letting us know how it goes, we'll write you a song when you inevitably die spectacularly in a flaming kick of glory!

    I reallocated a few points to see what effect it would have.

    Poison Burst 2 (I do enough damage without this helping, I think. Also it's not as useful when you're constantly singling out a target with BL)
    Blade Pact 10 (I don't think it'll make too much of a difference reducing this to 10, the Slow effect is still very useful)
    Cursed Daggers 15 (all the bonus effects are nice)
    Shattering Glaive 15 (It's brutal, but I only use it for farming, the game is too easy by using it constantly)
    Glaive Sweep 15
    Burning Leap 15
    Dodge Mastery 15 (maxed this so I can use DEX points in something else, I think my Dodge is at 73%)
    Share the Wealth 15
    Stone Pact 15
    Master of the Elements 15

    EDIT: Change is good! Battle feels about the same, but my favorite Legendary Wand, The Earth Dies Screaming, just dropped. Woohoo!
  • longfellowlongfellow Posts: 15
    Don't hold your breath....about the song I mean :D

    Bearing in mind I am playing HC, I have tried to stay as close to your original build as possible but man getting decent claws to drop........I had to abandon the claws (sorry) when I got this Show Stopper mace (among other things drops a ""bomb"" of sorts, adds +% chg. etc etc.) and Tree Chop in the left. The extra damage enables me to the extra points into Vit. which I really need..if I find decent ones I will go back

    S 94, D 15, F 61, V 60 (I really need the extra Vit playing HC as I just can't seem to get a decent armor drop)

    I can't play online (lousy connection) so the best I can do is Pets as Humans...only mod used.(hope that's not cheating :!: )

    Thanks for taking an interest and for the build ideas.
    PS when you get a moment I would like your thoughts on Burning Leap and HC.
  • DarkTailsDarkTails Posts: 4,148
    I don't play HC but I say power-up Burning Leap as soon as you can. The faster cast time and range later on is super useful, especially because BL is great for attacking with little risk of getting hit, quickly jumping from one target to the next, and also for running away re-positioning yourself to wreck internal organs more efficiently. And you can even use it with a mace so you can be a Crushlander lol.

    Yeah, I had the same problem getting some claws I liked (with electric damage), good thing people are usually willing to help out.

    Thunder is frikkin cool because if it triggers when you use Glaive Sweep it Thunders on every individual monster, so it looks like a thunder tornado. If it triggers with Burning Leap, it looks like you're flying and dropping thunderbolts on everyone lol (okay, maybe not, but I imagine it that way). Showstopper's Meteors sound just as fun
  • longfellowlongfellow Posts: 15
    K.....I'll give it a try with one of my other toons first on non HC. (I have 14 on the go ATM)

    Thanks for the input.
  • embermanemberman Posts: 729
    Vit is a complete waste if you are dual wielding. The depth to which you've screwed over your build can be measured by the amount of base vit points you have. You can still salvage it by starting to use a shield, now.
  • longfellowlongfellow Posts: 15
    OK...trying to up it because of's at 30 ...what do you suggest??
  • embermanemberman Posts: 729
    The best defense is to kill everything before they can get very many attacks out. Like I said, the only useful thing about vitality is shield block.
  • longfellowlongfellow Posts: 15
    Appreciated ....I'll give it a try...thanks a lot for the advice. :)
  • DarkTailsDarkTails Posts: 4,148
    Also keep in mind the kind of playstyle you like. If you like killing everything fast in one hit then pump up your attacks and let your defenses suffer.

    Current stats with current gear:

    Lv.100 Clawlander
    STR 513 (187 + 326)
    DEX 238 (65 + 173)
    FOC 508 (90 + 418)
    VIT 537 (193 +344)

    I got maybe like 3 powerful enchants from Borris, the rest are regular. Some of the gear has generous properties too, like +56 STR from the unique boots I'm using. Now that I can survive comfortably I can afford to lower my attack power to make battles last longer.

    Some armor info:
  • longfellowlongfellow Posts: 15
    I'm pittsing around with the idea of a shield with an old toon of mine.....sort of a Battlemage a la Titan Quest ( with a Berserker side-kick courtesy of "H'sAPM mod" ) both at Level 41 HC V. I'll see how that works out then I'll get back to the ""Clawlander"".

    I'd post a pic but I don't know how (real noob on Forums as perhaps you can tell). I tried cut and paste....maybe a link is what I need to do??? No matter words will suffice.
  • DarkTailsDarkTails Posts: 4,148
    Just upload the picture to an image host and post the direct link to it like this
    [img]direct link to image goes here[/img]
  • longfellowlongfellow Posts: 15
    My Clawlander Level 39 (had to drop the claws as explained before hand) five skills and four passives. Humans as pets mod only with an engineer sidekick (presently in town)

    2mzz8r4.jpg sux7gy.jpg
  • longfellowlongfellow Posts: 15
    How about a ""Wandlander""?? Where does it all stop :D

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