Issue: Cannot summon Nether Imp

japhroaigjaphroaig Posts: 10
I have tried on several different toons to summon a nether imp, and it is always unsuccessful. The spell looks like it is cast correctly, but the imp is never summoned.

I looked through the patch notes and didn't see anything about this, I searched the forums and didn't see anyone else with the same problem, and I've skimming the ogre.log (btw, fantastic you use ogre :D ) and saw what seem to be unrelated exceptions. I have not applied the latest patch, but am doing so once it downloads. I purchased from Any troubleshooting steps I can take? Thanks!


  • Is there a corpse around you when you cast it?
    It's not a skirt!
  • No there is not, there is the spell cast animation, then nothing.
  • Simtechray is on track here. If you read the spell description it states that it summons Nether Imps from corpses. You have to have at one corpse for every Imp you are trying to summon in your casting area or the summon will not work.
  • Yay, I get to show the world I'm an idiot again :D

    If there is a mod, please feel free to delete this.
  • Gucek001Gucek001 Posts: 1

    actually.. google just pointed me to exactly this (correct) answer, so.. ;)

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