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Ok, I will need help on this...

I am using Bow, actually finished a first gameplay on VET where my main skills to do damage were Venomus Hail, and Poison Burst, with others supportive as Cursed Daggers, Stone Pact, and the obvious passives every Outly should try to get.

Now my problem is, it was extremely difficult sometimes to play on some levels, I can't explain how painful it was when my only way to kill something before being killed by anything was to spam Venomus Hail from far away and Cursed Daggers obviously...

Most enemies had projectiles as attacks, and also Alchemist was specially hard, Netherlord was easier but anyways, I didn't find a way to actually attack with Left-Click for so long...

I think the worst problem was that many of those attacks or tackles couldn't be reflected, because regardless of how much equip I was wearing to reflect missiles, I was being hit so often...

Is there any other way to play with Bow Outly instead spamming skills from so far away on high levels? Because many mobs had better range than me, Stone Pact didn't really keep me alive by itself alone, lot of attacks simply didn't get reflected, neither block obviously

What I want to say is, I feel that I lost the "Range Advantage" the Outly had from the beginning of the game, but worst, I feel that my Auto-Attack is useless right now, am I missing something?



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    Are you using Shadowmantle?

    Maxed Shadowmantle + 1 or 2 zardon mighty skulls is over 80% in reflect chance, making most projectiles a joke. Just buff it up when you fight a boss.
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    What wait99 said. I initially started as a bowlander and nowadays I play my berserker more but I don't like the other options the Outlander has. Bow/Xbow is my favorite. However, I've had problems with ranged damage as well. I found that shadowmantle helps (haven't played with it until NG++) as well as runic vault (I use 5/15 burning leap but the animation of runic vault is much faster, better for dodging). Honestly, what I found to be most important for my bowlander was cast speed. At level 100 when I gave up the 9/9 Sentinel bonus, it felt horrible. The cast speed helps with survivability so much, especially if you use VH often.
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    Yeah, I know ShadowMantle helps and I use it, but the worst part is that I felt a lot like a Mage because at some levels EVERYTHING I can do is simply running, escaping and spaming Venomous Hail, as well Cursed Daggers and Stone Pact but mostly for survivability purposes

    I mean, doesn't BowLanders have some build based on AutoAttacks like Zerkers? So I can use it AND Venomous Hail when needed instead doing all time VH? Also, at some point, like you said, you need cast speed, because the targets move or teleport or something and you miss, or simply die while you are casting something and bosses like Alchemist... BEEAAMMMMM!!!!!!! (****, that was painful)

    I was wearing ShadowMantle on level 10 IIRC, as well some Shoulder Armor with 25% Reflect chance, and no matter what, the Sentinels from Alchemist stop my movement so often, and anyways I couldn't get close sometimes to the Alchemist itself...

    At the end I simply gave up and start running, healing, waiting and washing him with Arrow Shower, I mean, Venomous Hail... but I couldn't simply STAY and do some AutoAttacks WHILE I wait for the delay of VH or similar.
    I could on the first Alchemist and Netherlord stages at least, but I thought I was going to get better times auto attacking on future with ShadowMantle and more equip/stats. now I feel like I REALLY need to use Venomous Hill, not like an option anymore, which feels kinda sad...

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    Yep, exactly. That is what I meant when I said cast speed is so important. Because of the bonuses of 9/9 Sentinel I can move my character faster after casting VH, the animation doesn't keep you in place as long. I don't think you can autoattack too much with the Outlander, he's too squishy. If you however insist on autoattacking then get some Dragonrift pieces for the health stolen so you can survive the hits. I don't see why you would want to just autoattack though, you can use Shadowshot instead for example for much higher damage. Overall, I enjoyed the playstyle of hit and run but it feels weaker than the other classes.

    What I would (and did) do in the alchemist fight, just used Blade Pact/Cursed Dagger, ran around using VH, used burning leap/runic vault when there was a big attack coming my way and dropped a stone pact in my "kiting" path to help. Only way I can imagine you just SITTING there to hit is if you get some % health stolen or gem a lot of damage reduction/health.. and maybe not even then. Immobilize/silence or blinds help too btw, just a tip.
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    Oh yeah, thanks, I think I am going to reach some high HP Leech equip, Stone Pact helps but not more than that...
    I like AutoAttacks, then cast skills, repeat...

    Also I have Tangling Shot, as well Sandstorm lvl 5, usually (previously to reach VH) my main gameplay was, Cursed Daggers, Tangling Shot, AutoAttacks, Stone Pact, AutoAttacks, and if they reach me, simply SandsTorm to stun, then Tangling Shot again, or Rune Vault while still AutoAttacking...

    I get a lot of fun playing like that TBH, because I have Poison Burst... but after reaching the last part of ACT III and obtaining VH everything seems different, and trying to play like before was like impossible.

    Thanks for the tips anyway, I will take the HP Leech, that is the one that could fill my necessities right now, because the Missile Reflect is covered by Gear and ShadowMantle, Damage Reduction by Gear and Cursed Daggers... but I don't want to be a pure Caster, so I chose the HP Leech, which is covered only by Stone Pact right now... so let's try to get gear for it :S

    Again thanks for the answers :mrgreen:

  • NazFTWNazFTW Posts: 12
    I played with poison burst as well but I respeced out of it and never looked back to be honest. The range is quite small on the aoe and when I use VH everything within the VH range dies anyway, there was no reason for me to keep that passive, it was just overkill. Dragonrift is pretty high level (100) for %hp stolen, if you're not 100 yet try Dwarfking set, that's the one I used until 100 on my zerker. Also, if you're playing a lot with autoattacks I recommend you pick up Blade Pact, I love that skill and you might wanna try Shadowshot too, feels like autoattacking (that's one of the reasons I played with it) while doing more damage but ofc it won't apply the lifesteal.
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