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Hi, I am looking to make a tundra zerker and I have some very specific questions.

First, what is your opinion on Shred armor versus the -ice aromor of shatter storm? I noticed that xKilla's first tundra he had Shatter storm maxed, then only used a 1 point in SS and put more points into Shred armor. The build I am using now will look something like this: [LINK DELETED]

As you can see I opt for 5 points in Frost breath for Debuff which will also apply shred armor. Currently I am thinking to balance Shred armor, and SS instead of maxing one over the other. Thoughts?

Second, Permafrost doesn't seem to be the room clearing ability I was hoping for. I am level 50 at the moment and it is about level 5. Does it get better? Northern Rage at the moment really kills everything, Permafrost is like an expensive debuff....

Third what is your guys priority/ rotation when clearing rooms? I usually make sure ice shield is up, then battle rage, and summon my shade. Then when i enter the room I Howl, Battle standard, Frost breath the closest pack, and start northern raging. I am not sure where Permafrost fits in here. I usually just do it if I notice my mana is still full...

Thanks guys Tundra Zerker is turning out to be a lot of fun.


  • I am a tundra user as well, level 35 yesterday, level 40 today. Like you, my permafrost is still a work in progress (level 5). If you are not using a heavy heavy focus and +cold% build, I think perma is something you can pass on. However, there is good synergy with shatterstorm, and I dont really use shred armor right now. Instead I am have maxed howl, the pet that gives you life, cold steel, and when I ding 42, glacial shatter. I have a few points in the bank (4 or 5), but otherwise pretty well spend.

    When it comes to approach, I drop a permafrost first, to slow everything down, then I select priority targets, howl and get to chopping. I am using the gold sword in my main hand, and a claw in my off hand. Since I do not have glacial shatter yet, I put a point into the lightning hatchet to hit targets that wont let me close to melee.

    When things get rough, use the spell that adds elemental armor, and add the pet that gives you life, which tends to even the odds. My own pet has the ice spell, and the silence spell, as well as heal all, so I am ticking life pretty good.
  • Not sure if howl is that useful for a tundra zerker. The slow effects of howl are almost useless if you put points into shatterstorm, frost breath, norhtern rage and maybe permafrost since most of your enemies will be frozen or immobilised anyway. The only benefit is the damage reduction but I would put points in cold steal mastery instead and use weapons with ice damage (also frost breath has a damage reduction and shatter storm makes enemies more vulnerable to ice damage). I am still experimenting with different builds of tundra zerkers and found that howl just adds another cast before the other casts which can leave you quite open for attacks if you don't have +% casting speed buffs so i think that putting points into passive abilities to gain more damage is better. also shatter storm has good sinergy with all the frost spells.
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    I am currently level 81, and I am fiding Howl to be a huge boost. Yes it is another cast, and yes with permafrost most of the enemies will be frozen. But not all. Howl guarantees all enemies will be slowed (huge life saver when dealing with a "Swift" elite), and furthermore it has All damage is increased by x%.

    This is why I always open with howl. It means I am safe, and my permafrot, and northern rage will hit for that much more dmg.

    I don't know what I would do without it.

    My original concern with permafrost is fading, as it is rank 13 now. It does a town of damage now that it does its damage in a shorter period of time.

    This build is turning out to be a huge success for me. I got lucky with an attribute enchanter last night and now my zerker is crazy strong. I highly recommend this tundra build for anyone looking.
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