Are dual claws the best way to go?

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Was wondering if dual wielding weapons is just as viable as dual wielding claws, or are claws a ton better?


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    Since you can dual wield in this game, I personally think no weapon class truly out-ranks another, and all boils down to personal preference.

    Personally I think you're gimping your Zerker when dual-wielding the same weapon class.

    Claws can pierce pierce armor by 50%, now just by playing the game and watching the health meters, I could never really tell the difference. Claws are Fast, but some Swords can be just as fast. Now for me Ive always liked Physical to be the top damage on the weapon, so I dont know if Claws would be better being Elemental or not. Claws dont have Arc a.k.a Splash Damage *theres an exception*, I cant say for sure if Swords,Maces,Axes all have different Arc ranges or not, Swords are faster, Axes have flat damage, and maces are slower.

    personally I mix it every time, but I personally like Axes in the Main, and whatever in the Off Hand.
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    I'm having a blast with my dual-claw Berserker. I'm moving through the game faster with this character than I have with any of my other characters. Granted, I'm only level 20, but I'm taking down bosses amazingly fast. Claws ignore half the opponent's armor, and as has been stated, they don't do splash damage. But claws are also the fastest weapons, so they build Charge pretty quickly, and Berserkers have other skills to compensate for the lack of splash damage. Claws are great if you want a really fast-paced game, but it's all a matter of what you prefer.
  • I like claws because they are fast and that means a better chance to proc blood hunger or execute. You can compensate the single target damage with AoE skills like shadowbind, eviscerate, northern rage or other.
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    I'd say it really just depends on which weapons you find... I have a (twinked) sword that I can equip that does way more damage than any other weapons I've found so far, claws included. When armor would be a problem (and claws have an advantage), shred armor and raze make quick work of it (seriously, nothing stands up long against raze anyway).
  • Come to think of it, there aren't any special abilities (that I can recall) that necessitate the use of claw weapon types, and about the only special ability related to dual wielding is the execution skill.

    It's too bad. All the other classes have special skills/abilities that require/improve specific weapon types to differing degrees. It would have been nice if berserkers got some bonus for using claws.
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