Xkilla's Ravage Build

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Even though I see that his last update was on 10/25, players are still using it. Is it still viable and optimal?


  • completely viable and optimal( but a bit risky in **** elite for not wearing a shield)

    Shek Raze, Tieryal Raze, Xkilla Ravage , WolfPack and Tundra zerker,

    these are among the best berserker Builds around, with Tieryal's Raze being the best for me since its viable in **** elite too ,

    check this thread for more builds and their ratings :

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    Awesome! Thank you!
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    Are the auto attack or ability based builds more optimal?

    Edit: I'm currently playing Elite.
  • General Consensus is that being an ability based berserker is way better than going auto attack,

    also, skills like Raze for example are really powerfull boss killers(210% Weapon Damage and +75% all damage wit 3 stacks)

    just make sure that you have some mana steal% (rift ember socketed in weapon or set bonuses")
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    Sounds good, last question. How come Xkilla's Build is the only one that's stickied, when we have other players generous contributions? Did the Devs just get lazy over time to sticky the rest or something? :|
  • Yeah, nothing seems to get stickied anymore. At least here in the Berserker forum the topic with links to other build topics is stickied, over in embermage someone has to occasionally post in it to keep it on the first page (I didn't know it existed when I first started).
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    Yea, I just noticed that too.
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