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I'm considering playing the outlander. I'm just wondering what is the most viable and optimal build available to this class? I heard briefly about Glaive, but I'm not interested in using one skill throughout my gameplay experience with the class. I don't want to risk the potential of getting bored with the class so easily. I would like some skill involved.

Another thought, would this class be the easiest to progress throughout NG+5 with? It seems like engineers and berserkers have to resort to shields, I'm not a shield user.



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    Are you asking someone to pick a build for you? Go for glaive, focus, one-hand wand + shield, it's the easiest and most likely to be Elite NG+5 viable. It's always a good idea to start with the easiest for learning purposes anyways. (ignoring the part about being bored - how can you possibly be bored if you haven't even started yet ...). If you are feeling a bit more daring go for a shotgun build instead, still likely to be Elite NG+5 viable. Unless you are following someone else's build to the letter, you are not going to make it that far on your first try anyways.
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    Not necessarily, perhaps a reference to a guide? I'm just asking for personal opinions. Mostly from a player that's experienced with the outlander for quite some time. I just mentioned that I didn't like any of that lol, especially a shield. I'm more of a DPS player. I like endgame challenge, that's how I roll. I said that I don't want to risk the potential of being bored with just running around hitting one key/button all the time. I'm looking for a more technical build and that's widely used by players. Preferably the most optimal for NG+5. I'm a legitimate gamer, so if the build/guide is going to require me to use some mods that's going to flag me etc. I probably will not use it.
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    Anyone? Any other thoughts &/opinions would be appreciated.
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    Good evening.

    I'll do some self-advertisement : viewtopic.php?f=42&t=52454

    DPS can go very high, it uses two pistols (guaranteed without shield !). No mods installed here. I went up to NG+++ without enchanted guns (no bonus damage on my Magnum Force, except for a Vellinque skull) and without high reduce (around 22%), so I took some nasty hits, but most of them were from those **** trolls.

    To sum up, with short investment, it's powerful but fragile (skills can make you avoid hits, but not reduce their impact) ; with more investment, it becomes very powerful and resistant as well.

    Hope this helps.
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