New? info - Venomous Dirks

dreamriderdreamrider Posts: 1,727
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Am I just dense, or is this new info?

Venomous Dirks can be AIMED!
(Feel free to copy the following sentence into any reply, "Gee, Bob, you mean it only took you a thousand play-throughs to notice that?")

Place your right-cursor click ON your principal target, lighting it up like aimin an arrow, or the center of mass of the menacing mob. One of the dirk vectors will fly that path directly, just like a (homing) arrow. The ones on either side of that primary will almost surely close in on the same target, unless distracted by charging members of a large mob. The other dirks will of course go for whatever nearby appears killable, which is usually a nice 'got-your-back, boss' effect.

Noiceable improved my dirk results when I realized this. Particularly good for nailing that one mobster that may be close enough/covered enough to get missed by random dirks.

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