Adding collectibility to TL2

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One of the simplest mods I can think of to add another layer of fun to the game is to introduce collectibles.

Thanks to Kibosh and his Gold Exchange mod for inspiring the idea. ( viewtopic.php?f=48&t=53232 )


Rough Idea:
  • Collectibles come in all shapes, sizes, rarity and value. They can be little statues, coins, pictures, new Ember pieces, monster fangs, lost love letters, etc.
  • Collectibles are simply another item drop, like a Lucky Coin, that can be sold or hoarded.
  • Some Collectibles are very rare and expensive, you may want to hold on to those jewels forever! (or simply fence them for gambling money lol).
  • Some Collectibles are consumable, some can even start new quests!
  • They're stored like any other item.
  • There will be a high-capacity chest in towns that holds only Collectibles.
  • Collectibles can be a way to trade gold and further support a bartering system. They can also help players in Elite earn a little extra gold without feeling like they're cheating.
  • New Collectibles will be regularly added, players are encouraged to submit ideas.
  • Themed collectibles will only drop from respective monsters. (Only Gels drop Sweet Jelly, only Netherim drop Netherim-themed Coins, only the Tu'tara will drop Crotch Skulls, etc.)


How do we view Collectibles?
The item icon shows the Collectible, to use Kibosh's example:

That's all there is to it. There's the icon and a witty little description in the usual pop-up window, along with other important information if applicable.
  • Poems, lore, letters, etc. have a scroll icon, the text can be read in the pop-up.
  • Sometimes you'll find pictures or drawings (or TPS reports? lol), I hope there's a way to display the picture in full in the pop-up. Nothing huge, maybe an image the size of an index card or smaller.
  • Some Collectibles will start quests when you pick them up. You might find a treasure map or wanted poster or someone's glasses. The text will give further instructions.
  • Sometimes a very rare token will drop, post a screenshot of it in your inventory and I'll make you a free weapon model of your choice lol
  • Sometimes you'll get mundane Collectibles, like shiny rocks or a toothpick, mostly recolored existing and/or unused icons. Cherish them!



Collectible Coins Test ... 3d62f3.png

Collectible Coins Icons Test

Collectible Bottlecap Test ... 59194b.png ... c30846.png

Collectible Bottlecap Icon Test
tl2bottlecapicontest_zps501c2ac2.png tl2captesticon2_zps75a8f399.png

Collectible Badges ... 081866.png


Potential Problems / Workarounds:
  • Need to create a Collectibles Stash. (It's just another Stash with high capacity)
  • Reason for separate Collectible Stash: I don't think everyone wants to have to get an unlimited Normal Stash mod to fit all the Collectibles. There's the chance that they could lose items if they uninstall that mod, but if they uninstall my mod they lose nothing except the Collectibles and Collectible Stash.
  • Don't know if it's possible for an item to give bonuses just by being in the inventory. If not, some kind of consumable with cooldown might work.


Other Ideas
  • If possible, some Collectibles will have positive or negative effects on the player just by carrying them around.
  • Collectible Badges
  • Collectible Coins
  • Rare monsters (spectral molebeasts) that spawn a portal to a room where you're guaranteed 1 or 2 Collectibles from the chests.
  • Rare Golden Monsters that always drop a rare collectible
  • Rare Hoarder Monsters that drop multiple Collectibles.


  • An easy idea is to convert all the monsters/characters/legendary items into collectible cards, similar to this oblivion mod:

    It's also possible maybe they could be spell scrolls and morph the players character into the creature model (humanoid only I'm guessin'). But I think generic cards with some gold value is a fun idea to add a bit of optional flavor to loot.

    That said, I don't think you _really_ need to go through the effort of making a special stash and segregation for them. I would focus on making the collectables en-mass first!
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    I think this is a great idea.
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    Lol, that's a funny mod, the lack of flavor text is disappointing though. I could probably use the Torchlight TCG card template I made a while ago. Or I could just make Collectible Coins, with different characters and monsters on them like that coin above.

    Making the items shouldn't be that hard, probably tedious though.

    I was suggesting the separate stash because I don't think everyone wants to have to get an unlimited Normal Stash mod to fit all the Collectibles. There's the chance that they could lose items if they uninstall that mod, but if they uninstall my mod they lose nothing except the Collectibles and Collectible Stash.
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    Here's a quick icon, the coin is a placeholder until I find someone who can draw one lol :[

    I guess I may just use the normal grey backdrop to make the coin pop more, also to avoid problems displaying gold-colored coins.

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    Ok, so I said **** it and just made a coin model lol. The plan is to simply paint textures on the face, take a screenshot to get all the shading from the 3dsmax viewport, then run it through a filter so it looks painted.

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    Aaaand yay! I don't have to do any filtering, I just painted the whole things and it looks okay. I'll probably add a little gradient to make it look more reflective.

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    Eh, not bad:


    Some variations, may have to tone down the shine to let the face's design show through:

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    Aaaaand yay again! Here's a Tails coin.

    Streamlined the process too, now all I have to do to make a new coin is add the new character and change the color layer, both on the coin's texture. This way I just take a snapshot of 3dsmax, no post work needed.


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    Okay, that Tails coin is awesome.
  • DarkTailsDarkTails Posts: 4,148

    Here are some more test coins. I want to add some kid of scroll work to the rim so it doesn't look so bland.

    [view link to get rid of blurryness]

    Should I zoom in on the faces more? It would get rid of that "arms out at the sides" look since I'm using Dusho's tool to take screenshots ... 7a7c4e.png

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    The Destroyer coin looks fine. The other two should be more zoomed in, because the poses are unnatural.

    If they have enough distinction in head shape, I would even try to put one or two of them in profile, a la Lincoln on the American penny. Otherwise, if the rest of their body looks more distinctive then try to get a good shot of that, minus the arms if they're posed like that.
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    Yeah, I just wish I could pose the characters. I can play their animations and capture a shot of them in any frame though, but I'll go with the zoomed-in Destroyer bust layout.

    Action poses are rare limited edition collectibles! :P I'm sure I'll figure ways to zoom in on other body parts and make them cool, like a boot stomping a Varkolyn or something.

    Oh yeah, and I didn't make trading cards because I don't feel like designing them haha.

    Any ideas for other collectibles? Potion bottles maybe, like how people collect perfume bottles?
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    Lol, a Torchlight penny.

    -Switched the beveling to inner, looks better I think.

    Problem with zooming in so much on the model is that it gets pixelated/noisy since the textures are only 512. Looks fine as an icon though.

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    That Tails coin is badass.

    As far as different ideas....I was gonna say cards, buuuut lol I dunno, man. Cards and coins just seem so perfect for this kind of thing. That, and easy to make lol
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    How about collectible money bags? Or codpieces? Pouches for your junk!
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    Bottlecap statues?
  • DarkTailsDarkTails Posts: 4,148
    Bottlecap statues? Like statues made of bottlecaps? :lol:

    Or maybe bottlecaps with messages in them like the Snapple caps?

    Find a Red Djinn Coin and take it to the Djinn to get a free soft drink! ... 1c6b83.png


    ...or maybe he gives you a free powerful enchant of your choice.
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    This is an awesome idea, and those are some pretty cool looking coins.
    DarkTails wrote:
    Problem with zooming in so much on the model is that it gets pixelated/noisy since the textures are only 512. Looks fine as an icon though.
    I wouldn't worry about any blurriness or pixelated-looking-ness since, as you mention, they will look fine as icons. Remember how small they're going to be, compared to how they are now. (Take a look at the actual item icon texture sets in the game files -- if I recall correctly TL2 icons are 64x64 pixels; which is even smaller than TL1 icons, I think those were 64x96).

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    Yep, still, I hope there's away to put a larger image (maybe 200x200) of the coin in the pop-up window so people can appreciate them better.

    I'm gonna make a bottlecap model and try my hand at making fake Torchlight soda and beer logos lol

    I should probably mention, I'm not going to make a masterlist or gallery of all collectibles and their rarities, but I'll list a few to pique interest. I want people to be surprised and maybe post screenshots of their finds.

    Would be nice to have some tight-lipped people to work with though, something tells me getting all these things into the game will be tedious x_X
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    Tedious, probably yes, but I think this is a very doable idea if we're talking either drops from bosses, or rewards from questgivers. It shouldn't actually be all that difficult, it'll just be a matter of modifying all the right files with the new entries.

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    DT, I absolutely love your coins. Maybe I can help for implementing them, as Arkham said it would be tedious but not difficult to do (if you can do the iconsheet part).
    Spawning them might be tricky as it would require modifying the original spawnclass if you want it to spawn in the wild (not difficult but there is a lot of files to change + any other mod modifying those spawnclass are not compatible unless you spawn it from custom quest/ custom monsters). Or I can make generic dungeons that would spawn them randomly.
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    Thankssss guyssss

    Yeah, it'd be best to maybe release these things in sets so I can work on a batch while people are finding the previous ones.

    All I really need is a tutorial for adding these things (or items in general I guess) when GUTS is out. I added weapons to Torchlight 1, including making the imageset files, but all that info has fizzled out of my head already lol
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    Something like this would be an awesome addition to synergies...... >.>
  • kitetsukitetsu Posts: 256
    I'd love to see this idea branch off to a trading aspect. Trade certain items for certain collectibles.

    Man oh man do I love Path of Exile's bartering.
  • DarkTailsDarkTails Posts: 4,148
    Yus, would be neat to have a thriving trading community, all I can do is hope!

    I hope it's possible to implement this mod in a way that allows the maximum amount of people to install and uninstall it with no change other than the availability of the Collectibles.

    I posted some more Coins in the first post along with what the 64x64 icons may look like. I positioned the coins in the icons like the lucky coin.
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    -Added a Collectible Bottlecap to the first post, quick and dirty design lol
  • I am really liking to look of these.
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    LOL! Torchlight Brewsky. How about a low-carb version, Torch Lite?
  • DarkTailsDarkTails Posts: 4,148
    -Added lite version lol

    I'd use some better graphics for the letters if I wasn't so lazy/unskilled :lol:
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    Has little to do with anything, but didn't want to start a new topic

    3dxripper works with Dusho's model viewer, it extracts the model .OBJ and .DDS textures, then you just put it all together in 3dsmax. Unfortunately the model is squished for some reason when you open it. Nothing can ever be easy. :/ A few minutes of using the scale tool to get the proportions back to almost normal and we have a decent way of extracting models from TL2.

    All I did to this is make it golden, a la the golden creatures in the Game Boy Oracle Zelda games. ... 78a10a.png

    Also, transparent parts of the texture are white just because, even if I make them a .PNG. Again, nothing can be easy *stab the world in the face*

    Anyway, if anyone has a better way of extracting models to use in 3dsmax that doesn't require Blender, I'm all ears!

    And if not, I may have to just learn to model in blender x_X

    EDIT: Tried ripping directly from the game.. still squished, wtf? Oh well
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