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Hi, I'm a noob at this game, I've only played to the demo and I'm planning to buy it soon. I usually like mage classes, shooting from afar and ****, but I don't like the Embermage spells. However I really enjoy the Berserker class. I've done some research and it is aperently possible to do some sort of a caster beserker with skills like Wolves Pack or Nothern Rage or something.

My question is, is it possible to make the early game easier than hitting monsters once and run like ****, spamming lvl 1 shadow dash (the wolfe dash thing) for ages ? If I want to have some good elemental damages it must level up focus, but I hardly find any staff and I can't equip good melee weapon, so i find myself just dashing forever when the big monsters comes. Or maybe i could try a 2-2-1 stat repartition, with strength, focus and vitality.
Anyway I am a bit confused with this early Berserker game, I just lvl up howl and the armor shred skill, with just a point into the dash and the electric proc on melee hit, but this isn't really killing things fast.

PS: sorry for my bad english, and my bad knowledge of the skills names


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    First off, early levels of berserker CAN be quite boring. You will usually end up auto-attacking things to death.

    1: You want to put points into Cold Steel Mastery, as they work with Wolf Pack, which I assume you will use later.

    2: Storm Hatchet (lvl 14) is a good way of getting charge. Consider keeping it at 9/15, as at 10/15, the skill transforms into throwing three axes, each giving a smallish amount of charge.

    3: 1 point in Storm Claw is probably enough.

    4: If you feel like you kill trash monsters too slowly, you can learn and unlearn Eviscerate continuously. It should do some decent damage to multiple targets. By constantly unlearning and learning it, you'll be able to use the point for something else later.

    5: Spamming Shadow Burst usually doesn't give you any meaningful damage. Auto-attacking with Storm Claw might be better.

    6: Don't worry about equipping staves. Later in the game, you will be using a one-hander + a shield. Testing has been done to prove that a level 80 caster berserker who maxes strength to equip the best weapons in the game, will do less damage than one who prioritizes focus. You CAN, how ever, point some strength. Wolf Pack, which will probably be your main skill, scales from 70% of weapon dps. That means that it is increased by strength and that its crits are increased by strength. If you can manage to get some of the best weapons in the game, along with a fairly high chance to crit, strength will be useful up to the cap of bonus critical hit damage (+450%). I do not get the impression that there is a huge difference, and besides, focus gives you mana, which you need, especially for early levels.

    7: You'll want some points into Battle Banner. At least 5/15, for the mana regen.
  • Ok, thank you for this reply.

    I have a last question, how the "%wdps" skill damages are calculated/improved ? The strength increase this wdps, and then the focus increase that base dmg ?
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    I do not have a perfect understanding of this, but I am fairly certain that the "%wdps" damage component is in fact increased by both strength through the WDPS, and then again through focus.
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