Any HC zerker Bleed builds out there

matackamatacka Posts: 31
edited February 2013 in Berserker Discussions
Haven't played in quite some time and recently loaded up the game once again. I was thinking of rolling a HC Berserker as SC just isn't for me after experiencing intense fun playing **** on Path of Exile.
I just really like the challenge, and knowing that you can die to silly mistakes at any given time. So I was just wondering if there were any HC zerker bleed/heal builds out there or decent endgame footage of similar ones as I was thinking of making something along these lines.

Also. I understand there really is no persistent trading community in this game. But was wondering if people actually do trade in **** as it doesn't appeal to the masses.
Is Reddit's **** trading active or are there any other 3rd party 'LEGIT' trading sites.

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