[CLASS] Myrmidon - Beta 1.1

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Beta 1.1 download:

http://www.runicgamesfansite.com/vbdown ... fileid=371

e84008239124310.jpg 86873e239124311.jpg


df738b239124245.jpg 5770bb239124247.jpg

33f5e3239124323.jpg a6c0c5239124326.jpg

c74ccf239124249.jpg a069ee239124251.jpg

afaa3b239124255.jpg 7fcfe4239124257.jpg

69d6ce239124301.jpg ca246f239124303.jpg

4b635c239124275.jpg 13255b239124277.jpg

aeb3c1239124353.jpg 5575ae239124355.jpg


1a6bff239124345.jpg d0a9a4239124347.jpg

21c4fe239124287.jpg ba7f8f239124289.jpg

9c60d3239124269.jpg 86b459239124272.jpg

Atlas (WIP)

ddf5be239124266.jpg 942f4a239124267.jpg

e2263c239124348.jpg c40377239124351.jpg

f030f0239124330.jpg 077b59239124335.jpg


c14bd9239124297.jpg 251446239124298.jpg

90d7e0239124279.jpg 9b6e77239124284.jpg

935cbc239124260.jpg 3fdd20239124265.jpg

21d59b239124340.jpg 0c6c97239124342.jpg

bb625a239124306.jpg d4b88c239124309.jpg

1efbb6239124317.jpg 52947e239124318.jpg

585edf239124291.jpg 79e6c1239124296.jpg 50db69239142951.jpg


  • DarkTailsDarkTails Posts: 4,148
    Y helo thar pretty skill effects :)

    Is this a standalone mod?
  • epochedepoched Posts: 216
    Currently, yes. There will be a Synergies compatibility version available once I get into the beta stage.
  • looks promising!

    Does it replace the current vanilla Berserker class?
  • epochedepoched Posts: 216
    No. It's an additional new class. No replacements.
  • Awesome Epoch, i'm messaging you right now!!
  • Destro168Destro168 Posts: 115
    This looks awesome and very promising. Can't wait for the Synergies compatible public release! :)
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  • DarkTailsDarkTails Posts: 4,148
    Anyone have any feedback yet?

    Also, how is it installed, just drag and drop?
  • Class looks quite neat. Looking forward to Synergies release.
    I have no idea. I have an entire folder a Pictures with Faces like that.

    This gave me shiver :shock: , you are true to your name.
  • DarkTails wrote:
    Anyone have any feedback yet?

    Also, how is it installed, just drag and drop?

    DarkTail's, it's a .PAK just like the ninja file, yeah drag and drop. You'll enjoy it, Epoch i've e-mailed you waiting on response please!! Love this class!!
  • Class looks wicked so far, any chance you can put all those images in spoiler tags, it's a **** of a long way to scroll to get to the actual comments :)
    Runic Forums at its finest:
    Video not working.
    You probably have to press the play-Button.
  • SaintSaint Posts: 7
    Can equip current effect tool tips
    World entry issues. Spawn naked, no skills, partial skill trees- usual fix delete stash and saves
    Did not pay attention to cast costs; wondered why I died 3 times in a row... I'm a genius...
    Myrm* HAndles quite similarly to Tryndemere from League. Gog0 glass cannon.
    Stat boosts need nerf
    EAch tree needs it's own unique attack

    Just got started exploring the world of "Myrmidon" more to come, and hopefully bugs not opinions.
  • epochedepoched Posts: 216
    Beta 1.0 public download now available. Check the very top of the thread for the link. This class is currently not compatible with other mods, including my own Ninja class.

    Thanks to everyone that messaged me suggestions and bugs from the Alpha test. You all helped clear up many problems.
  • DarkTailsDarkTails Posts: 4,148
    If you need a new weapon and shield, send me a drawing and I'll make them for you if I can
  • epochedepoched Posts: 216
    Thanks. I have a few I've made but I **** at setting seams and actually texturing the UV map. Here's what I've made so far:



  • DarkTailsDarkTails Posts: 4,148
    Those are pretty symmetrical, you should be able to easily mirror each half by placing the halves' UVs over each other. For example, split the blades along the edge, then stack the two halves.

    If you **** at texturing (I do too lol) then you did the right thing with that last sword by sculpting the detail instead of painting it in. I think you can get away with minimal paint work that way by letting the game's lighting create much of the shading.

    And just a nitpick, the spear looks a little too long, also the bottom sword looks too long if it's going to be a 1H weapon. I think it would benefit from widening the blade a little and extending the handle to be a 2H, or just shortening and widening the blade a little for a 1H.
  • epochedepoched Posts: 216
    I agree on both points. The spear will be shortened and the bottom sword will be transformed into a 2-hander. I'll try the texturing again later. I'm also running into an error with Blender 2.6 when I attempt to export as mesh with the texture assigned. I'll try again in a few minutes and post my error log.
  • DarkTailsDarkTails Posts: 4,148
    I just dropped this mod in the PAK folder (from the RGF), the class is working but it replaced the Outlander class :(

    There's a little arrow tab by the class pictures but it doesn't work. (Myr icon replaces the Outlander)

    I don't have any other mods installed.

    First thoughts after 5 minutes of playing (Normal Difficulty for getting used to it, I usually play Veteran)
    • Nemesis's Retaliation is completely broken, with 1 point everything that hits me dies automatically lol. Yes it's on Normal diff., but 210% Weapon DPS starting is way too strong.
    • I'm not sure the name "Nemesis's Retaliation" makes sense, I guess it does if your character is the nemesis lol. I think "Retaliation" would work just fine though.
    • Out of the 10 pieces of gear I found so far, 7 of them were "Myrmidon" gear, is that just because they're level 1 items and will stop dropping so much later? The vendor in the Enclave doesn't have any Myrmidon items so I'm guessing that's the case.

    • Yup, the Myr items stopped dropping, yay.
    • I like the life-sacrificing for skills, encourages smart fighting instead of spamming
    • Achilles's Vehemence works weird. If your target is far away, you dash over there quickly. If the target is near you, you don't dash at all, you move like a centimeter but the red dashing effect continues. I don't even know if the shield breaking effect applies. Maybe that's how you wanted it to work, if so then I'll just get used to it. I do think it's odd that the character isn't in the red dashing effect, was that intentional? It doesn't look like a "dash" like the skill describes, it looks more like an "energy blast" projecting far ahead of the character.
    • Yeah, Retaliation is broken, it doesn't let me test other skills or kill monsters because they all die as soon as they attack, I'm switching to Veteran
    • Tyche's Luck seems overpowered too, judging by the Level 1 / 7% increase then Level 2 / 14% increase. Does it drop off after that? Then again, people use like 100% Magic find and still complain about crappy drops lol
  • epochedepoched Posts: 216
    Everything is scaled on the high end so I can just tune it back, instead of try and balance it from a low point. Feedback like this will help me balance everything. I'll add these changes to my list and fix them for the next update.

    It doesn't replace the Outlander. The right arrow button is very weird and you have to place your mouse cursor offset to the right of it in order to press it. If you spend a little time moving your mouse cursor around, you will see that you can actually press the button. This is a problem with Torchlight 2.

    I don't check these forums that often so please report all bugs in this thread: http://forums.synergiesmod.com/index.php?topic=1387.0
    Please report all feedback and suggestions in this thread: http://forums.synergiesmod.com/index.php?topic=1388.0
    This will help me keep all the data in a central location I can work with so I don't miss anything. Thanks.
  • DarkTailsDarkTails Posts: 4,148
    I don't want to make another account so I'll just leave this here lol

    Switched to Veteran and aren't using the Retaliation, now it's more fun.
    • Artemis's Hunt is nifty, cast it to juice up your pet, then switch to ice attacks to slow the enemies to help your pet handle mobs. Either use the polearm with ice or switch to a cannon with lots of stun, they both have good coverage and will keep enemies off both your backs.
    • The Vitality boost from Aura's Vitality is kinda crazy in the beginning, but it looks like it's dropping off already so it will probably work out alright. Can never have enough VIT I guess lol
    • Now that I look closer, Aura's (and the other boosting skills) doesn't seem OP anymore since I'm using the polearm tree where many skills increase the damage taken lol
  • epochedepoched Posts: 216
    Version 1.1 should be finished within the next day or two. Here is the list of changes:

    Achilles graphic change. Added 1 charge cost for shield break effect on use.
    Aeolus shield buffer amount rebalanced.
    Helios graphic change. Health restore rebalanced.
    Zeus attack graphic change in progress. Zeus 5 charge cost for a new massive lightning storm. Bonuses changed a little.
    Tyche % bonus reduced to 5 from 7 per level.
    Heracles strength bonus reduced to 10 per level and damage bonus removed.
    **** will be a charge bonus passive skill. I may add 1 additional skill to it.

    Atlas graphic added. Skill will receive effect and bonuses.
    Asclepius health restore rebalanced. Added potion efficiency increase to skill. Reduced self blind effect duration to 5 seconds (from 15 seconds).
    Triton is receiving many changes to the skill effect and bonuses. Triton 3 charge cost for a bonus effect that deals additional ice damage over time and freezes enemies.
    Poseidon 5 charge cost for a bonus effect that deals massive ice damage and freezes enemies . Bonuses changed a little.
    Aura vitality bonus reduced to 10 per level and % HP bonus removed. Hp regen is reduced.
    Selene lifesteal effect reduced and duration set to 5 seconds.
    Add Amphitrite passive that will add ice damage to attacks and increase all ice damage.

    Hecate bonuses changed a little - Fear removed from skill and poison added.
    Deimos is receiving several skill changes.
    Thanatos is receiving several skill changes.
    Ares graphic change. Ares 3 charge cost for a bonus effect explosion on targets struck.
    Hephaestus 5 charge cost for a bonus big fire explosion effect. Bonuses changed a little.
    Persephone graphic change. Charm effect replaced with fear. Additional skill bonus will be added.
    Hades graphic change. Hades 5 charge cost requirement added to summon the Lich. Bonuses changed a little.
    Nyx agility bonus reduced to 10 per level and dodge bonus removed.
    Kratos bonuses reduced.
    Nemesis retaliation weapon damage % reduced by 100% across the board.
  • epochedepoched Posts: 216
    Beta version 1.1 released. All skills fully working now.

    Future updates will include more charge bar effects for the remaining skills.
  • jameslawljameslawl Posts: 24
    Torchlight 2 crashes after using this Mod. I do use other Mods, so I'm not sure if this is an issue with this particular Mod or conflicts with my other Mods.
  • epochedepoched Posts: 216
    jameslawl wrote:
    conflicts with my other Mods.

    Here's your problem. Delete the other mods.
  • jameslawljameslawl Posts: 24
    epoched wrote:
    jameslawl wrote:
    conflicts with my other Mods.

    Here's your problem. Delete the other mods.

    I figured out what was causing the crash and it was because I have the Ninja class Mod. It works with everything else, so I'm guessing multiple class mods aren't possible. Is there any work around for having multiple class mods?

    The Mods I use are:
    - Monster Draw Distance
    - All Features
    - Camera Zoom
    - Ninja/Myrmidon class
    - Skill Respec
  • epochedepoched Posts: 216
    Yeah. Class mods have data that overwrites in some files. I actually just made a new pak that combines both my Myrmidon and Ninja. I'll post a new thread for my compilation of classes that will contain a download link.
  • Sorry for the bump. Lol, many years since i dont play torchlight, i remember I loved this class. Is there a way to get it now? ive been searching and it seems like a lost forever, I hope not :cry:
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