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Hey runic, I just want to leave a note for you to consider. One of the things I want to add into my mod is the chance for players to get a skill and stat potion drop chance when defeating the hardest monsters I have put into my mod. Right now they can STAT enchant gear for critical hits (4 times in a row) up to 200 + per stat (would cost them a ton of gold, but its do-able)... but if I put a character over the stat limit or skill limit it will flag them.

Can we please have mod control switches on if characters should be flagged at all while using our mods or not. So that the creators can have true control over the content they design and not be forced into making players feel bad about going over artificial limits for non modded gaming.

I would truly like to offer people in synergies the means to progress a character past level 100 without ever going past level 100, and this is the best way to do it. Specially as I am starting to get into level 250 dungeons now. I know a lot of people will instantly balk at the idea due to the flagging system that is forced on us all.

Please consider the option for mod creation to control if a player is flagged or not, after all, once GUTS is out players can only play with other players using the mod right? Controls itself nicely.


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