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I am unable to log in on Steam for MP for some reason. I keep getting username invalid and not associated with my account. Not sure what account it's referring to but, my Steam login and this one don't do it. Wtf? oh yeah, same goes with the TL2 forums. Idk why there are so many forums for one frkn game?

Edit: It tells me my log in is not associated with purchase?


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    Have you already sent a message into support@runicgames.com? If so, can you PM me your ticket number and I'll take a look at what's going on with your account? Thanks!
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  • RachetRachet Posts: 3
    I think I got it all figured out now. I was able to get online last night. So, I guess my accounts are linked so I can access the servers from Steam. However, I also have a Perfect World account but, I was unable to access it from there. I think I'm good to go now, thanks for the reply,

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