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Creating this thread as a placeholder, I intend to update once GUTS comes out and after I finish some work. Basically I intend to make many, many classes for Torchlight II and put them all into one mod. Already have some ideas and one complete class to create as soon as GUTS are out. Once again, this is currently just a placeholder.

I intend to take class requests, and will accept the following as minimum for a class request:

[Class Name]
[Brief class playstyle description]
[Skill group 1 name with its general purpose e.g. "Fire Damage skills" or something of the sort]
[Skill group 2 name with its general purpose]
[Skill group 3 name with its general purpose]

Any extra information is welcome.


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  • SalanSalan Posts: 2,642
    Awesome, good luck. Making a class can take time. More classes without the big mod underneath it will get more people playing them as well.
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