Some help with my build?

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Well, I used to play as an engineer, but I am bored and I want to cast a zillion spells. Playing and looking for builds, I've realized that I don't like the whole icy thing, and I dislike being Zeus with his thunder powers... BUT, hey, LET'S BURN IT ALL!!
This is the build I'm aiming for; is there enough cc or should I take Hailstorm? Is Staff Mastery THAT usefull?
When I say "help" I mean, help to play in the most difficult levels, not normal.
Thanks a lot :D and sorry, my English is bad because I'm spanish... and therefore lazy to rewrite and correct :lol:


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    I think hailstorm cc would wreck your flow of play (firestorm+ic/magma spear combos, etc.) Ice prison+frost phase should be more than enough for keeping you safe. Take 15/15 in death's bounty if you really want cc because it also burst heals you at the same time while ccing which is incredibly useful when doing stuff like tartarus on elite. Staff mastery isn't that useful.
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    Yes, death's bounty would definitely help. I'm playing something close to this at the moment and when you hit something with firebombs and death's bounty it's almost as if they're standing still. :) Just take DB to rank 10 for the faster cast time (that really helps in not making it a drag to cast it every time before your main damage spell).
    I'm not sure if max rank magma spear is needed... I guess it can be nice to hit something once with it to apply the dot and then go back to infernal collapse. And maybe to cast in IC's cooldown, but magma spear's initial startup time might be too much to use in between IC's, especially once you rank up IC and its cooldown decreases, but I havent tried this myself.
    Wand chaos, would only work on magma spear, do you really intend to use it that much? I would drop it and free yourself from the obligation to only equip wands. I'm using a sword right now that boosts my charge rate.
    Prismatic rift... well, I think it's worthless, but it's only one point you have in there anyway...
    Charge mastery is okay if you don't know where else to put your skillpoints, but it's not needed. You wont have mana issues at higher level and you'll fill your charge bar very fast anyway. I'd at least move one point away from it to max fire brand though. The one point in fire brand doesn't matter that much, but it makes more of a difference than 1 point in charge mastery.
    I'd put a few points in elemental attunement to increase the duration of burns. You may reapply fairly easily, but this ensures your fire brand triggers as often as it can.

    Oh! I only just noticed you don't have firebombs, so "enough crowd control"? You don't have any crowd control :S Definitely take firebombs, together with DB if you can. Only noticed it when I was comparing your build to mine and didn't see at first why you had more skillpoints left than I did :lol:

    I would probably change your build to something like this:
    Depending on how much you actually still like using magma spear and how much you like the other skills you could decide to take 5 points from elemental attunement, fire brand or firebombs.

    edit: Oh yeah, I agree that using hailstorm in a firebuild isn't optimal, as much as I love hailstorm... And no, staff mastery is not needed, everything dies fast anyway, resistant or not.
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    Okay man, thanks a lot ^^ I will use that buid, because MORE FIRE is always worth it.
    But charge mastery isn't needed at all? It helped me a bit to not waste mana early on... But well, let's try it. My other character WILL DIE :twisted:
  • FinrazielFinraziel Posts: 505
    Yes, it can help early on, but if you just transmute any ember you find, hopefully you'll get some manaregen gems and they can help too. Later on mana isn't really an issue anymore and charge is gained pretty easily anyway. Also, there's quite some equipment that boosts your charge rate as well, for instance that sword I'm using is the equivalent of 5 ranks of charge mastery.
    You can even just chug some mana potions in the first part of the game, you'll notice you'll need them less and less as you gain levels (and that'll happen pretty soon).
  • Zambu19Zambu19 Posts: 6
    Yeahh... Until now I'm not having too much problems with mana, and anyways, Magma Spear gains a lot of charges without any points on Charge mastery.
    Seriously, thank you sir :D
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    Just noticed a typo in my earlier post, I didn't mean to advise to take prismatic bolt along with firebombs :P but I guess it was clear from the build I linked... Edited it now.
  • GastonPGastonP Posts: 60
    Hi Finraziel, I like your build and i'm going to try it. Just a question: Are you using a shield with your sword? I'm planing to play on Veteran.
  • FinrazielFinraziel Posts: 505
    Oh definitely, especially since your main damage dealers are not weapon dependant so using a 2hander doesn't really make sense. You could dualwield for weapon enchants I guess, but I like block...
    I play veteran myself as well. Sometimes elite, but mostly I find it more annoying than a challenge.
  • GastonPGastonP Posts: 60
    Thanks Finraziel
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