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At level 69 on Veteran my charecter has the following skills:

In Ice:
Hailstorm 12
Frost Wave 12
Ice Prison 11
Ice Brand 11 or 12 (forgot)
Frost Phase 1
Frozen Fate 1

In Storm:
Thunder Locus 12
Lighting Brand 3

In Fire:
Blazing Pillar 12
Charge Mastery: 5
Fire Brand 1

Str: 5
Dex: 53
Focus: 246
Vit: 71

I plan on pushing any of the above skills which are over 10 points in all the way to 15. I am really enjoying my build, but I'm not really sure what to do with the extra skill points. I could put them into lighting and fire brand (started to do that with lighting, but I wasn't sure if it was worth it) or into a completely new skill or passive. I really didn't like elemental boon or staff mastery when I tried them out.

As far as stats go, would it be best to keep on pumping Focus? I really enjoy the wand/shield setup, should I be putting more points into vit?

Thanks for any help


  • SevenSeven Posts: 48
    I suggest putting spare points into either charge mastery or death's bounty. Points into charge mastery aren't to build up charge faster but to slow its decay rate which can come in handy. Death's bounty is another really nice spell to have. I don't recommend putting many points into frozen fate because it feels pretty useless.

    Dump the rest of your points into focus, you can hit a respectable block chance through enchanting for some vit.
  • FinrazielFinraziel Posts: 505
    I'd go for fire brand before lightning brand actually. Thunder Locus is awesome, but it's not very good at applying shock status. Blazing Pillars however is almost guaranteed to apply the burning state if more than one of the pillars hits something, so fire brand can give a nice bonus damage on bosses (everything else really dies too fast to make a difference).
    Charge mastery isn't that great of an investment... especially for decay rate. Charge doesn't decay unless you stand around doing nothing, the only time I get that is if I'm sorting out my inventory or if I'm running across an empty map and then the lower decay isn't really going to help. Otherwise you'll probably keep killing fast enough to never decay.
    Death's bounty is an okay skill, but I feel the slow is more important than the hp/mana recovery, and both are probably unneeded on an ice build because of all the crowd control you already have.
    Instead, I'd go for immolation aura for the 15% damage resistance*.
    If you still have points left over, I'd put a couple (no more) in immolation aura to increase the duration of status effects so that when you do apply fire and lightning, it sticks around longer for the brands to proc.

    For the stats, I'd actually go for some more dex to improve dodge and crit rate, then strength once your crit rate is high enough. Then with enchants you can basically just enchant all stats. Strength for higher crit damage, dex for crit chance and dodge, focus obviously for your main damage and vit for block.

    *edit: Oh yeah, one thing I forgot to say about immolation aura is that it stacks with any other sources of DR you have. 15% DR on its own wouldn't be very impressive, but combined with more DR it gets better.
  • GastonPGastonP Posts: 60
    Finraziel: How many points do you recommend to put in strengh? I saw a fire build of yours in another post where you didn't put points in strengh.
    Could you tell me how to distribute the stat points in this build?
    Thank you
  • FinrazielFinraziel Posts: 505
    Hmm, I never actually touch those statsliders. That build was actually the one from the OP of that thread, I just swapped the skills around a bit and didn't look at the stats.
    As for how much, I just kind of wing it myself. Usually go all out focus until I'm lvl 50 or something like that, then start adding dex and some time after that maybe strength. Also keep in mind that the stats you get from leveling arent even really superimportant. I mean, you shouldn't waste them obviously, but you can increase your stats a lot more with equipment, especially by enchanting with Borris (the stat enchanter, appears randomly). If you really want to look into how much of each stat you should take to minmax your build, look at a topic like this: viewtopic.php?f=43&t=47241
    The actual best depends on a lot of things, but there's an image on the first page almost at the bottom (a post by armis) that shows an example graph of how your damage will change when shifting points from focus to strength. As long as your critrate **** I feel focus helps more though, which is why I just start out full focus and don't bother with things like carefully distributing my stats every level. There's probably a topic around that actually goes into how to calculate this stuff, but I don't really have time to look for it atm and knew that the topic above has that image. Just keep in mind that that image is only true for the exact situation that armis describes there.
  • GastonPGastonP Posts: 60
    Thanks Finraziel for your replies, but I've still got doubts about the stat distribution so I've started another thread because this doesn't have anything to do with the original thread.
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