Is there any battlemage type builds?

DragvioDragvio Posts: 14
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Specifically for elite maybe?


  • FinrazielFinraziel Posts: 505
    There's a couple guides in the overview:
    But I havent really read them through myself.
    I'm considering trying this one myself though:
    With a good spread in stats for dodge/block/crit/critdamage as well as base damage and mana from focus.
    I doubt it would be very viable or very much fun in elite though, although it depends on how much you're going to abuse that one point in PB. If you start using that a lot though, it really becomes a PB build that sometimes smacks things when they're in melee range.
  • Mine is fun. There's a good amount of info there. Use what you like.


    I use the hybrid build the most.
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