We need more than 10 mod slots

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I have 7 mods that adjust the longevity of the game (I have 7 mods that just adjust level cap, fame cap, monster strength, item levels, ng +11, maps to lvl500, etc.), and steam's 200mb cap on filesize means that my texture mod had to be split into 4 parts, then you add synergies, a pet mod, transmute recipes, etc. I know the purpose is to make it easier for players to sync up, but I'd rather play solo than not be able to extend the life of the game for years.

10 available mod slots just isn't going to cut it.


  • OmnifasOmnifas Posts: 3,442 ✭✭✭
    Theres another thread on this, but at this point I wouldn't rule out limiting the mod cap in order to ease initial troubleshooting. Less mods equals less chance of a issue being one of a simple mod conflict.

    Wont know for sure until Runic responds on the issue.
  • wsensorwsensor Posts: 6
    Perhaps if Runic could possibly allow for mod sets/collections to be made? (Or 1 mod that loads additional mods as part of it?)
    IE: If your using your 3 retextures then set them in a collection (IE they could allow you to make a mod that loads these 3 mods) maybe this way it could be just counted as 1 mod instead of 3 separate mods?
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