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Some of you might know this sort of system already from games like Final Fantasy VII (Materia-Upgrade) or recently Path of Exile. Of course there will be some differences fitting to the Torchlight-universe. Basically it should work this way:

1) Each gem (Standard, Rare and some of the Other Ones) can have Tier 1 (initial) to Tier 24. To keep things easy, the names can be:

Flame Ember Speck Lv 1
Flame Ember Speck Lv 2
Flame Ember Speck Lv 3
Flame Ember Chip Lv 1
Giant Flame Ember Lv 4

When beating monsters, not only you gain experience, but also all of your equipped (and only equipped) Gems. After reaching a certain amount, they are upgraded e.g. from Flame Ember Speck Lv 1 to Flame Ember Speck Lv 2 or from Flame Ember Speck Lv 3 to Flame Ember Chip Lv 1 etc. An increase of their Tier will result into an gradually increase of their Effects.

2) Merges

The transmutation system has to be slightly amended and works differently depending on the kind of Gem.

Standard Gems (Fire, Ice, Lightening, Poison)

Gems of Same Element => Exp sum up, Element remains unchangend
Gems of Different Element => Exp sum up, Random Rare Element Created (according to the existing ingame-mechanics)

Rare Gems (Chaos, Iron, Void, Blood)

Gems of Same Element => Exp sum up, Element remains unchanged; when gems have different Enchantments, the one of the gem with higher level are kept; in case the exp. are the same, the Enchantments of the Gem placed first in the slot will remain
Gems of Different Element => Exp sum up, a different Random Rare Element is Created (according to the existing ingame mechanics)

Other Gems (Have currently in mind Lucky Coin and Lucky Die)

Only Gems of same kind can be merged => Exp sum up

3) Eventually other changes for balancing

Gem Selling Rate of Merchants decreases a little bit, only Gems of the lowest Tier are sold
Drop rate of standard and rare gems decreases a little bit, only Gems of the lowest Tier drop
=> otherwise you will end up with tons of the same low-level gems, you don't need.
ability to remove gems from sockets without destroying either gem or the item. So you can freely merge your gems as you wish

4) Any other things to consider?

That's it so far. Is a system like that possible? And if so, how to start? My modding abilities completely **** and I don't have any experience neither with TorchEd nor Guts. I guess those are the best qualifications for a project like this. :roll: So if anybody likes the idea and is able to help me out, that will be awesome. :-) I created so far an excel-file indicating the required amount of Exp per Tier, the required character level and the scale of the Gem-Effects over the 24 Tiers for the Normal Gems.


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    Summary of potential for this mod:
    1) Possible. Would take a bit of work and fairly masterful manipulation of GUTS, but not impossible on its face.
    2) Probable, dependent on item 1, and maybe very, very difficult or impossible to sum the exp from multiple gems.
    3) Not as likely to have the fidelity or discretion that you want. In a much more basic form, possible to probable, dependent on items 1 & 2.

    Down by itself because it's the most important component:
    4) GUTS has a lot of fixed limitations in it. There's a lot we can't do. Some things seem easy, but then you hit a wall of impossibility that you can't get over because they didn't give us all of the tools and access we need to fully mod the client. So, 1-3 are really reliant on 4, and whether what you want to see is in the realm of possibilities of the tool, or if it's behind the wall that we're not allowed to go around. I may attempt some of these features in a future mod (starting with #1, and working my way through), but I can't guarantee it will happen.

    I have an idea to use a custom stat and counter to level up the gem, adding increasing effects to the gem as it levels, but it may be more difficult than it seems at first. Hangups will likely occur in the "gains XP when equipped" area, but, it may work with an existing affix group that I've designed for other uses. So, this could be as simple as modifying an existing game system I designed, or it may be the most difficult thing ever.
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