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Can I please have a way of cloning a spawnclass entry, within the spawnclass. NOT the spawnclass itself.

what do I mean?

you have a spawnclass you select on the left side. then on the right side you have the entries. In there you can CREATE NEW CHOICE. Can you by chance add the option on each CHOICE to have a 'clone choice' button. Assign it to each single choice box. I click this it puts the box as is up at the top as if a new one, but already filled out with what I already did. this way, I can make spawnclasses of a troll, then clone it, and instead of scrolling down the list I can find the troll right beside the troll I already set up simply by opening the monster list in the unit selection window.

Right now, I have to do new choice. Find the monster in the huge list of monsters, then refill out all the boxes.

with my suggestion: I make it once, clone it, change the weight, open the unit list, and maybe move a few places.

Even if someone wanted to have completely different named monsters and had to search, they have the choice of new choice up top, or using the pre-filled boxes as a basis.

just thought to ask

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  • This makes perfect sense, more for you and other major content creators than most, but still would be nice to have, seeing as everything else can be cloned.

    As would the ability to be able to open files directly from the mods file listing within GUTS, I'm guessing you would find it easier to work with if you could just double click your own files rather than having to go and find them via the menus.
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