Official Vanilla/Legit **** TL2 Friends List

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This is a shameless attempt to make a parallel list to the Official Vanilla/Legit TL2 Friends List for people who want to play **** characters co-op in a safe environment. Just post your runic game id, and any extra information you want to provide, like what difficulties and classes you like to play, etc.

I'll start:

emberman - HCE only, outlander and engineer, lots of Act 1/ Act 2 characters. dislikes rerolling. UTC-0500, usually only available on Friday evenings and Saturdays but some weekday evenings may work.


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    Nauzhror - HCE, I'll play any class, but have the most experience as an embermage, I've long wanted to play as part of a group that slowly went through HCE as a group together, and didn't reroll to see how long a group would last. I've beaten HCE in single-player, but in multi-player enemies damage gets massively ramped up so I'm not sure how difficult it'd be for a large group to survive.

    I figure a group of 6 could make it with none dying so long as all 6 players were decent and there were 3 engineers though. (The engineers forcefields are cumulative and would stack ontop of each other is why 3 engis, also 3 healbots).
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  • ~BUMP~

    Steam Username: Just_chillout_man
    I am currently willing to play any class on HC Elite vanilla version of Torchlight 2. I prefer the engineer, but I am open-minded. Feel free to add me to join in on the **** experience :)
  • I'd like to try on this challenge xD, currently no **** characters, so I'm going for a fresh start

    Difficulty : any difficulty is okay
    Class : Outlander, Engineer
    Role : Tank, Support

    Steam ID : reidzeibel (
    Runic ID : reidzeibel

    Time Zone : GMT +7 , usually online at 22:00 local time, but if there's no upcoming job deadlines, I can online all day :D

  • PhanjamPhanjam Posts: 3,297 ✭✭✭
    emberman wrote:
    This is a shameless attempt to make a parallel list to the Official Vanilla/Legit TL2 Friends List for people who want to play **** characters co-op in a safe environment.
    Hi emberman, nothing shameless at all about it :D ! I've plugged this thread of yours over at the non-HC VLG thread and also on the VLG list itself. Hope your tribe grows!
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    Vanilla For Life! Haha i dont really play TL2 anymore but concider this a free bump :)
    My Engineer's Build
  • Hi. Im usually on from 7pm to 10pm CST. I would like to try HCE with a shotgonne outlander but i usually play a 2h engineer.

  • embermanemberman Posts: 729
    Another HCE group thread: viewtopic.php?f=40&t=55182
  • Interested too, any class but Zerk is okay. However, i'm at GMT+9.
    Runic & Steam ID: darkpoulp
  • bump.
    If anyone wants to begin HCE from level 1 just now, I'm happy to join.
    P.S. I have also a level 20 shotgun outlander.
  • falofalo Posts: 54
    Add me as well please!

    Runic ID: Falonz
    Steam: Falo or Selfe

    I just recently started HCE with my Outlander and have reached level 28. Now I've seen how much more enjoyable HC is I don't think I'll go back.

    Looking for any vanilla/non-cheating players to team up with in HCE!

  • taaqktaaqk Posts: 44
    Hey guys, another HCE vanilla veteran here. Feel free to add me or to jump into my games when you see online.

    Steam and Runic id are both taaqk.
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