dungeon bug, with structured testing, can guts fix?

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Here is the problem, I have tried many different things to try and make this not happen.

here are some quotes from my website as we attempt to figure it out
I'll try to keep my comments now to the patch notes page, saw reading today that there have been multiple posts on the same issue.

For Thelaasa, I get the same error even if I don't die. The problem seems to be that the second levels of the dungeons, and all the rest of the levels for goldmine, are not getting reset when rerolling the world with a new game. They are stuck at the same level as when you first enter them. No matter what level I am, the first level for Derinkuyu leveling 1 is always lvl 10, which was my character level when I first visited that map.

Edit: Just for clarification, the mobs are respawning and the map goes back to being unexplored when re-setting the game, but the monster levels for the second and below levels of the map stay the old values.

ust did some testing on this issue, have some results here -

Patch 2.042: DK Leveling

Entering dungeon for first time - monsters of equivalent level.
On death - Resurrecting causes no effect, monsters of equivalent level as well as loot.
On death - Resurrecting at entrance causes no effect, monsters of equivalent level as well as loot.
On death - Release to town causes monster to decrease in level, and loot to decrease in level as well.

Seems leaving the dungeon at any point causes the decrease of level, loot. chdjhnsn seems to have the most spot on conclusion of what is happening.

Also, couldn't find a introduction thread or something similar - so Hello everyone, and to Salan this mod has really reintroduced me to TL2 - the amount of work gone into this mod is incredible, and I hope it continues for many many months. :)

now, to describe it. Player goes into the dungeon which has a main level and a boss level. This dungeon is not a mapworks map but a zone that is teleported to through scrolls that deploy portals. The dungeon is 1-120 in level. player dies and goes back to town and back in through portals. The next time the player enters this dungeon the first level scales to their level correctly, but the second level is ALWAYS at the level the player was at the first time they go in. Regardless of how much time has passed, how many levels they have gained or if they have rerolled or not.

I have tried assigning the dungeon as a map, with offset levels, with multipliers.

Right now synergies is the only 'dungeon mod' that i am aware of so there isn't much feedback on this. Tartarus, mycrib and duncraig were around pre-guts and were designated as a MAP and used mapworks functionality to enter and exit, where I am not designating these as maps nor using the mapworks functionality but rather a teleport command..

I guess I am curious if anyone has run into this problem themselves in their building.. I doubt many have the feedback needed thou. Is 1-120 level range possible without making it a 'map' and if it is a map does teleporting into it instead of zoning throguh mapworks potentially cause this issue in the first place?
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