Staff Mastery question .. help

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I just started playing this game with a buddy of mine and so far I love it .. reminds me of d2 anyway I ran into a passive skill that im a little confused about

Staff Mastery: Your skill with staves lowers the elemental resistance of enemies when you strike them. The effects are cumulative and last 10 seconds per staff hit. It says when I strike them does that mean I have to actually walk up to them and club them in the head with my **** staff or can I just cast spells like normal and it will work?


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    Yes, you can whack the enemies with a stick but SM also applies to a number of skills - Magma Spear, Magma Hammer, Icy Blast, and Shockbolts, so you can use those to get the effect. You still need to hold a staff, though.
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  • Of the skills that proc Staff Mastery, I'd say Magma Spear is the most useful for its range and the ability to inflict multiple effects on the same target in short succession.
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