HCE Firemage with wand/shield questions.

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Magma Mace doesn't appear all that useful. Currently sitting with 5 Magma Spear and 1 Thunder Locus/1 Firebombs, and putting some in Charge Mastery when I have mana problems. Working up to 16/17 before I try Grell runs, though I have a 24 Berserker if I need to farm gear. Mostly been putting points in Vitality and a few in Focus so far.

Do Firebombs interact with Fire Brand? Currently I try to build up charge with Magma Spear, then drop T-Locus and Bombs if I start to get melee'd or have charge up.

Anything specific I should work towards or immediately pick up when it comes available? Ice Brand or Lightning Brand - seems there's explosions and debuffs everywhere at all times, so is a point in each worth it?
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    I'm currently using a IC fire embermage build and it's working pretty well so far. I didn't put any points outside the Inferno three until Frost Phase and Death's Bounty. Raised Charge Mastery to 5 only and really, that's all that's necessary. I've put some points in Elemental Attunement and Fire Brand and dumped the rest in Magma Spear until Blazing Pillars became available. Just use Frost Phase to escape mobs, unleash Magma Spear until they're dead and later, when available, the BP + DB + IC combo is all you need.
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