[MOD] The Dread Pirate Class

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The Alpha Test for the Dread Pirate is now available on Steam Workshop and on Media Fire.

Inspired by books and movies such as Treasure Island, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Princess Bride, this class allows you take up the title of Dread Pirate. The Dread Pirate class is a master of gunpowder and swordplay. Skill Trees include Scourge (melee skills, utility skills, and buffs), Raider (ranged skills, debuffs, summons), and Menace (cannon and explosives skills). [/font]

Change Log: All skills now available in at least 1 point versions. Some skill tree rearrangements and a few skills were cut and replaced.
This Alpha Test Includes the following skills:

Scourge Skill Tree:
Skill Tree desciption:
Pillage: small arc aoe – shield break chance and armor steal (15/15) (T1 - 50% shield break; T2 - 75% shield break; T3 - 100% shield break)

Not Left Handed: melee dash/buff – You surprise your enemy with the fact that you are not left handed, lunging forward and receiving a temporary attack speed boost if your hit connects.(1/15)

Plunder: Leap forward in a whirl of burning blades, stealing health and mana from those enemies you hit.

Feint: You escape from your location in a flash of black powder, seemingly teleporting to a different location, the shroud of smoke continues to shield you from ranged attacks for a short time. (1/15)

Foul Play: Honor means nothing compared to victory. Strike with a vicious poisoned slash. This skill does an additional burst of poison damage to stunned enemies. (1/15)

Bilge Rat: Summon a pool of poisonous filth at your feet. (1/15)

Ransack: Lash out at all those enemies around you. [currently a copy of ravage] (1/15)

Bonetti's Defense: Bonus to dodge chance based off of your strength attribute.

Swashbuckler: reflect damage based off of shield armor.

Immunity: reduce % elemental damage taken

Raider Skill Tree
Skill Tree Description
Boarding Axe: You hurl your boardingaxe 15 meters. Enemies hit are slowed and take more damage. Pirates make great first impressions. (1/15)

Jolly Roger: Hoist's the infamous flag, boosting morale of nearby units and instilling fear in the hearts of prey. Attack/Cast/Move Speed/knockback resist/chance to convey fear.

Flintlock Flurry: You fire a rapid burst of suppressing fire designed to keep enemies at bay. Your shots push enemies back and reduce enemy attack speed, cast speed, and move speed. The initial range is 7 meters. (15/15) (T1- errant shots; T2 - range extended; T2 4 second burn)

Black Spot: Fire a cursed shot that marks the enemy for death, increasing the damage they take and causing them to slowly flee. (1/15)

Strange Tides: You call forth mysterious tides that pulls enemies closer and strips their armor with each pulse of the current. (1/15)

Blockade Runner: You use your smuggling skills to escape from tricky situations, dashing out of harms way while dealing a little harm of your own and stealing a bit of health along the way.(1/15)

Skeleton Crew: summon a skeletal first mate. 30 second duration (1/15)

Buccaneer: increase critical hit chance & critical hit damage for pistol, shotgonne, and cannons. (buccaneers were renowned for sniping helmsmen when attacking a vessel)

Davy Jones’ Locker: You owe a debt to Davy Jones, but until that debt is due there is a chance that sailors lost at sea will rise to fight beside you when you shed blood in Davy's name. (1/15)(% chance to summon)

Corsair: bonus damage to ranged and melee damage when dual wielding a 1hmele + pistol.

Menace Skill Tree:
Skill Tree Description
Cannon Ball: Lob a cannon ball at your enemies that explodes on impact. (1/15)

Hit the Deck: You stomp the ground with your powerful sea legs, knocking enemies away from you (1/15).

Powder Blast: Your skill with black powder lets you overload your weapon, releasing a long range blast that cuts through enemies. (15/15) (T1 - add burning for 5 seconds; T2 - 50% chance to stun enemies. Burn damage increases; increase fire/physical damage taken. Burn damage increases)

Flash Grenade: You lob a makeshift grenade that explodes in a flash, blinding enemies over a large area and making them more susceptible to damage.(1/15)

Explosive Powder Keg: You hurl a powder keg at your enemies that explodes on impact for massive damage, leaving the ground burning. There is a small chance that you throw multiple barrels. (1/15)

Liquid Fire: You unleash a continuous barrage of fire, melting everything on your path. (15/15) (Tiers increase burn time & damage) (incorporating DrCarlos flamethrower mod for Engineer).

Bombard: Bombard the area in front of you with a rain of cannonballs from the sky.

Gunpowder Specialist: +fire/physical damage.

Short Fuse: attack & cast speed increase when wielding a cannon.

Explosive Rounds: chance for pistol, shotgonne, and cannon attacks to cause explosions on hit.

***For more info check out the development thread in Mod Discussion and the thread on the Synergies Forum.


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    Yessss!! Thank you bemused :)
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    If ye be settin' to make yer mark in these waters, and ye be not mindin' an old deck hand aidin' ye, It would be most fortuitous if ye were tae take me on board. I may not be fleet on me paw'd feet anymore, but I can stay play a merry jig and a rousin' chorus!

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    Got a chance to test this for the first time today and I really, really love what you've done so far. The cannon tree is my favorite. :)

    Sometime in the future we may want to sit down and figure out how to prevent SpawnClass collisions from preventing a Theolentist + Dread Pirate duo. I don't think it will be hard but I am not sure what the game will do if there are unresolved UnitTypes.
  • BemusedBearBemusedBear Posts: 269
    Thanks OedipusTex, I am glad you like the cannon tree. It is currently my favorite, and the one that I think I have put the most effort into at the moment. I think it is the closest to the idea I had in my head before hand, if you know what I mean. It may also be the best of the bunch because it is the last tree that I worked on (and so has the most post-GUTS improvements). I am looking forward to the second pass and seeing how I can improve on what I already have in place.

    I replied in the SteamWorkshop as well about merging the rewards spawn classes, but I will do so here as well. I am fairly certain that we will just need to edit the "Questreward_" series of spawn classes to include references both the Theo and the DP "reward_" spawnclasses. 5 min of copy paste in the text editor should do it. As long as we keep those up to date and then create only new material, I think it should be fairly easy to keep classes from conflicting at all.
  • After a hiatus, I am back to updating the Dread Pirate Class regularly. Version .61 has just been released. The links in the original post should now direct to the updated version.
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    Sup BemusedBear, glad to have you back man :)
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    BEMUSED! I was devastated when I read about your computer DX I'm super excited that you're back man!

    Destroyer Mod: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =140834118

    Don't forget, Phanjam has his own version too! His forum thread: viewtopic.php?f=47&t=46993&p=483784#p483784
  • Does the mediafire link directly points to the updated version (0.74 on steam as of today)?
  • Link has been updated now: http://www.mediafire.com/download/aeban ... pirate.mod

    Sorry for the delay in updating the non-steam version.
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    ****! I was excited seeing this thread bumped up; I thought there was an update haha. :D

    *booty joke*
    Destroyer Mod: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =140834118

    Don't forget, Phanjam has his own version too! His forum thread: viewtopic.php?f=47&t=46993&p=483784#p483784
  • Thanks bear!! Thank you also anoka, the destroyer is my other favourite :)
  • Sorry Anoka for the fake out. Just posted a new update today though - all active skills now have tier bonuses and the class is official in Beta Testing.

    During Beta I am going to work on adding class specific items and tier bonuses to passive skills. I will also revisit balancing, animations, and other such things based on feedback from the community.
  • Bemused, as you know I love your class, thank you!

    Is the mediafire version updated?

    Would it be possible to have the Corsair skill work both with

    Left-hand sword / Right-hand pistol (like now).


    Left-hand pistol / Right-hand sword (NEW?).

    Thank you again!!
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    paologex wrote:
    Thanks bear!! Thank you also anoka, the destroyer is my other favourite :)

    ****! paolo hey man! Thanks dude! XDXDXD You were one of the first guys to try it, thanks alot man! XD Also, I agree about this Dread Pirate class, it is my absolute favorite (yes, even more than mine. The Destroyer has a cool eyepatch but not the personality that this pirate brings XD. Destroyer only had one booty in his eyes, the Dread Pirate is always in search of something to plunder huehuehue).

    BEMUSED!!!!! No worries man! I'm sorry for not seeing your post sooner! (I've been quite distracted this week :X :X :X :X) Holy ****, you posted that in September! I can't believe I missed it! DX Welps, I'll be sure to make a new pirate, I'd been so busy testing other mods that I hadn't fired up my Ole Boy in quite some time!

    *Sail's off in search of bugs and booty* YOHOHO~
    Destroyer Mod: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =140834118

    Don't forget, Phanjam has his own version too! His forum thread: viewtopic.php?f=47&t=46993&p=483784#p483784
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    Hey Bemused, so I made a couple more Dread Pirates, and I noticed lots of new things, now that level reqs are phased in. So, my favorite tree is either the first tree or the third tree. I loved his cannon skills the first time I tried him, so I thought I should also try the corsair type of Dread Pirate and see how that went.

    Anyways, I've got a couple of questions:

    Will there ever be some pirate uniques for this guy? (I had originally assumed that he could wear Outlander gears, but later found out how wrong I was lol).

    Regarding melee, the first tree is very close to being my favorite one for this guy, but at this moment, he lacks the free 25%DR that other melee classes get, and sometimes it gets brutal (I think I didn't notice it before, because we had access to all spells during the alpha release.) So I'm wondering, is there a chance he might ever get the melee resistances?

    Anyways, the skills blow me away with their descriptions! XD Any hint on what the next tweak will be?

    I'll try to finish a game with him, right now I'm back to the Cannon Pirate (he's just borrowing it from his ship XD).

    boot e
    Destroyer Mod: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =140834118

    Don't forget, Phanjam has his own version too! His forum thread: viewtopic.php?f=47&t=46993&p=483784#p483784
  • @paologex - Here is the most recent non-steam link: http://www.mediafire.com/?aeban6g6i78a3s7.

    As for the Corsair skill, I am afraid I can only have it be one way or the other. If I put melee down in both right and left and pistol down in both right and left, then the skill works if you have a pistol or a melee weapon equipped regardless of whether you have anything in the other hand! It is a bit of a wonky system, but requiring one type of weapon in one hand and a different type in the other hand was the only way I could trick GUTS into requiring asymmetric dual wielding. Having messed a bit, I decided I liked the animations with the pistol and sword in the hands I chose (the other way, the toon looks a little too hunched over IMO). It is an unfortunate limitation, but its the best I could sort out with the current item requirement system. It really wasn't designed for what I am trying to make it do.

    @ Anoka - I am currently making some pirate uniques, but I keep going back and forth about making them class specific. Version .77 included a few items - a unique captain's hat and unique pistols that require strength instead of dexterity to wield. Additionally, you can now find magic (blue) pirate swords with the same model as the starting weapon throughout the game. I am still working on some more items, but it has been on the back burner of late because I have been distracted (by school and by Terraria 1.2 :?

    The Dread Pirate is currently its own unit type and so can't equip any of the other class uniques, however this can be solved by playing with one of the remove class requirement mods (one that alters the items rather than the player units, like this one: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... equirement).

    As for melee resistances, I built in a innate 15% DR (if i remember correctly) to give the class a little more durability while remaining distinct from the true-melee classes like Berserker and Engineer. Do you think he is still a bit too squishy? Bonetti's and the Corsair + Where's the Rum combo are probably the best boosts to survivability for the class right now.

    P.S. Cannon Pirate is my favorite as well.
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    Buahahaha! No rush at all man! (Really no rush, I have been away from Torchlight as well, but I wanted to at least post some sort of feedback XD).

    In terms of DR, man 15% would be awesome! It would totally make sense, since he is part ranged and part melee! It would also magnify his uniqueness and position between the 2 ranged and 2 melee classes XD.

    I been playing other games too man, so again, no urgency at all is meant by me XD, the mod is already a blast as it is XD.
    Destroyer Mod: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =140834118

    Don't forget, Phanjam has his own version too! His forum thread: viewtopic.php?f=47&t=46993&p=483784#p483784
  • Thanks Bemused!! Anoka what wonderful mod are you working on now? Cheers!!
  • AnokaAnoka Posts: 162
    paologex wrote:
    Thanks Bemused!! Anoka what wonderful mod are you working on now? Cheers!!

    Hey paologex!! I'm just playing everyone else's mods at this time XD
    distracted (by school and by Terraria 1.2

    Doood! I can't blame you! Lol XD Also, I'm going to assume that by now you've checked out Starbound (some of the same dudes from Terraria) CX. My loyalty remains with minecraft though :X
    Destroyer Mod: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =140834118

    Don't forget, Phanjam has his own version too! His forum thread: viewtopic.php?f=47&t=46993&p=483784#p483784
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    Hey Bemused,

    I've been playing through the lower levels as a Corsair (gun + sword) and I would say that the Dread Pirate is pretty solid. I don't think it's too squishy. It IS almost absolutely necessary to take Pillage (I initially specced out of it and repeatedly got my **** handed to me). However, with Pillage, large groups of enemies are doable but nicely balanced- they still require one to pay attention.

    I'm sure that with sword and board the DP would feel plenty tanky.
  • JaelusJaelus Posts: 46
    Hi there,

    Just wanted to let you know that my Dread Pirate is currently the highest lvl character I have in my modsave file. Great superb job and this class has everything I can think of for a pirate class.
    Two comments:
    - I use sword and gun ofcourse, and will never try cannon or sword and board, not piraty enough (in my opinion). Too bad that the rain of cannonballs is restricted to using a cannon.
    - You can also add gloves and shoulders to the starting gear with OVERRIDE_ commands.
  • So, any recommended primary stats, skills and what not?
  • JaelusJaelus Posts: 46
    Not sure if its the choice but I prio Dex & Str
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