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I would like to suggest a mod, since I myself don't have any knowledge with modding.
Does anybody remember a game called Simant? Well I was thinking that TL2 would be a good platform for creating a game along those lines where you can choose between termites and different species of ants and create your character to be either a worker ,soldier, queen ,king(if you choose to be termites) or a winged male. Each class having passives and skills but both having the same skills related to helping the nest itself like maybe getting 2 ants to follow you instead of 1.
The ultimate goal being to just survive and gain experience to level up so when you do create a new game your nest will start off with more workers when you are level 90 than when you are level 1 for instance. Like a persistent character but the strength and power of the colony information is also carried with you as you create new random games with other players or against AI. And after dieing you will respawn at your queen but if she dies well its then **** mode after that. The top overland map is randomly generated where the nest itself have "rooms" where certain things gets done. Simant didn't have them but because of TL2 tileset I think it can be done here where you can build your nest but will cost resources that will have to be gathered on the top map. These rooms will act as lets say a guardroom, nurse room and the queen's chamber and the termites will have a fungus room where they farm there food allowing them to stay hidden since they are generally counted as food for ants but are self sustaining.
I think what made Simant such a good game is it felt realistic, you couldn't take on everything by yourself the whole only one man or chosen one is done away with.
I was thinking of the whole skirmish type idea game mode but with bare bone diplomacy happening between players or ai.
For ants the biggest problem is to get food and overcoming the dangerous overland and for termites more overcoming the dangers of getting invaded. I guess you could make things more interesting and be able to create not just ants or termites but the dreaded spider tho it will have to be balanced. Multiplayer people will be able to join games and there colony comes over and they can either help eachother against the ai colonies and dangers or duke it out but having your colony wiped out is only temporary for that instance.

Anyway what do you think it's probably a bad idea and hard to do since there is a lot of AI coding but i think it would make for some awesome gameplay.


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    Likely not possible due to hardcoded limitations with GUTS. It may be possible in the future, but a project this size either needs A LOT of time (think more than a year), or many, many changes to what GUTS allows modders to do.

    Sorry for the bad news.
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