Skill TARGET help, OWNER tag amongst other parts.

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I have been trying to research this skill target, and the only places it is used is in the flamehammer noknockback affix and the wanderer pull hex mana buff.

Both are called in the base skill file and seem to effect the owner of the spell.

I am researching this because I am trying to make my zombies throw a -zombiecounter stat at their master when they die. Closing the loop on my UI counter to tell how many pets I currently have alive.

Its very very frustrating because my options for targets are

first I have a test spell that is cast on death, I chose rumble because I'll see it going off and the radius will hit everything around it, much like tiamat did in his video there.

Lets break this down.

The TARGET for the spell has the following choices: Everybody, Item, None, Owner, Pets, Position (lots of position ones I'm ignoring), Self, SelfandPets, Target, Target_POS, unidentifiedITEM

I chose self so the spell targets the pet itself for the center of the casting, and put the target alignment to good.

now the event trigger can have a target as well. This is where the rumble layout will go off. Normally I don't put targets in this portion, but I figured I'd put EVERYBODY here, so when that circle goes out, it originally hits everything.

now the AFFIX has a target as well.
list: Enemy, Everybody, Force_Owner, Friend, Owner, Pet, Self

as well as a chance to target a unittype: targeting my necromancers unittype.

now if the spell is targeting self, the layout is targeting everybody and having the affix target a friend with the unittype specifying necromancer...

how exactly do I make it so this skill ONLY ever effects the owner of the pet, and not a second necromancer who is chugging along beside them!? I could make it 1 target, but then what if it targets the friend and not you? its possible.

WHAT DOES TARGET:OWNER mean in any and all of these. I had wished it was the owner of the pet, but in this sense its the owner of the spell as far as I can read.

And even then, my stats aren't going down. When the pet is killed I need to reliably have it cast the spell, but I have had a lot of issues with 'on death' casts not ever materializing correctly.
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