Frozen Fate

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I am working on an embermage build..maybe even a guide and I ran into a few questions about Frozen Fate...Maybe I am over-thinking it and maybe I am just a nubling but here goes. Now, I have been tricked/mislead by the wording of TL2 spells before so what I am wondering is first: Is the 20% Immobilize chance procced by spells or only auto-attacks? Second (and this is the dumb question): On kill you have a chance to freeze 4 additional targets in an aoe blah blah what is the chance? is it the 20% percent? I was thinking no because freeze and immobilize are 2 seperate effects are they not? meaning this spell has it's on-kill ability and the percent to immobilize is secondary/passive? Again maybe this is obvious but please someone explain if you can without treating me like a **** :p


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    Whenever you kill an enemy, no matter if by a auto-attack or by a skill, up to four enemies in a 7 meter radius have a chance to freeze. The 'freeze' the skill talks about is immobilizing the enemy and the % chance is how likely it is to proc.
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    Morwys is correct. Basically
    - FF adds an on kill effect (so it's counted any time something dies from damage originating from you)
    - it has an X% chance of triggering (depending on the skill level)
    - if triggered, it immobilizes up to 4 targets in a 7 meter radius around the dead enemy. The immobilize is visually represented as the enemies encased in ice, however they do not get the frozen status effect from it. I am not sure how the immobilization targets are selected, however I strongly suspect they are randomly picked.

    It's also worth noting that if triggered more than once in a short succession, it could immobilise the same targets, hence if you are attacking a group of, say 10 enemies, ou kill 1, FF goes off and freezes 4. Then you kill another enemy (assuming it's an unaffected one), FF goes off again but you're not guaranteed 8 immobilised enemies, now, as the skill could affect some of the already affected.
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