All my TL2 models for FREE

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Use this link to download the folder or just individual files. Yes, it's a huge **** link, I don't know why but it works, it's not an ad link either. Total download size is only like 5 MB.

EDIT: Apparently the files got deleted, check this topic for the 3DSMAX files: viewtopic.php?f=49&t=24514

-The Claymore Sword has a really nice texture, but it belongs to Arkham so I didn't upload it.
-Not sure if the textures on the Spark Spear and Amazoness Sword are working, but whatevs.

It's a bunch of weapon models in OBJ format, made in 3DSMAX 2012. Some have textures, some don't, some need the pivot point fixed, need to be re-scaled, etc. take them as is, should be easy to fix/finish. I might have more models somewhere, I'll upload them too if I find them. If you want the .3DS versions (because you're too lazy to unwrap the UVW map), just let me know which ones.

And yes this includes finished versions of the Lokomo Sword, Biggoron Sword, Mirror Shield, Barrel Mimic, etc.

All models belong to me, I made them entirely from scratch. I'm tired of this modding business and didn't want them to rot in a hard drive, so you might as well enjoy them. If you use them let me know. Or not, I don't care, not like I can stop you anyway. To all you people who are going to use these without my permission on your big P2W MMO to make a profit, please have the decency to send me a few bucks at least through paypal so I can buy cans of soup. Also feel free to make donations for the time I spent making these, just ask me for my paypal address. Thanks.


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    Hey DT, thanks this is really generous!
    Tired already? Oh well. Will we at least hear from you on these forums still? :)
    Torchlight 1 Class Pack (TL1CP) Mod for TL2: Steam | RGF
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    I should also point out that Phanjam's sword was designed by Phanjam, but I had to fix so many things about it (mostly excess vertices) that I almost had to remake the whole model :lol:

    Eh, I have a problem where I want to learn to do a lot of things but get very annoyed when things don't work out, particularly after I follow instructions to the letter and there's no apparent reason things aren't working.

    It's a time thing, I've wasted so much of my life already that any slowing down of the learning process outrages me, so I move on. The only thing I keep coming back to is sculpting, but my skills are stagnated, I need new instruction because there's only so much I can improve on my own. Unfortunately I don't have good teachers I can ask for hands-on help. (actually, living in Hollywood I'm surrounded by them, but they want $200 an hour for their time)
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    Yo Darktails, this is really good of you to do this. I don't have a 3d program on this computer but i'm sure your models are awesome.. thank you so much!! :D
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    Lol no problem, if you want to see the models just check out my deviant art gallery (links in my signature)
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    I'm gonna be honest, man....while most of the time I don't get you, and sometimes I think I misjudge you/treat you unkindly..I do like you, and wish whatever you end up doing that you're able to find success and happiness doing it. I wish i'd gotten to know you better but I realize not everyone is going to like me or be my best buddy. Idk I feel like maybe you're not going to be around anymore and that just...

    eh itsucks. anyways...send me paypal info, man. I mean, I can't send you a ton of money but I can at least buy you dinner. I know it's not much to repay you for all the times you've made me smile or laugh but it's the best I can do.


    damnit :/
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    Sorry to see you go DarkTails, glad to see you share your resources. (good luck with the paypal thing, let me know if you get any donations. I gave up long ago on getting direct cashflows from the internet. Tiny bits of indirect cashflows is all I see..)
    I am not sure how much longer I am going to mod either, kind of getting burned out on it. I might return from time to time to do little stuff here and there, but my mods will come out slow when they do come out (they have already been coming out slow compared to TL1).
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    I found my stash of TL2 stuff while cleaning out my hard drives, organized everything, etc. I'll be uploading 3DS versions of these things to mediafire since the tutorials I'm seeing ask for 3DS to export to Blender. Might make someone's life a little easier. Will also include the Collectible Coins I was working on a while ago. I'm giving it one more shot to add models to the game, then I'm calling it quits, giving away all my stuff, and moving to Cambodia lol

    Man, I have no idea how I made some of these models, it's like I was channeling someone, but now they're gone!
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    I still think you should have taken that card game you were working on and done your own thing with it.
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