Looking for people to play with

mpa1707mpa1707 Posts: 2
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Hi there,
I got Torchlight II yesterday and am currently enjoying it a lot. Sadly I don't really have people to play it with =/
If you don't mind helping out a newbie (who may or may not ask stupid questions), feel free to add me on my steam :) --> sweetandsour1707


  • Hi. I also look to find more people to play with. Do you also have a Runic ID because i dont have the steam version. Either way my Runic ID is Skooter156.
    Well..although i really like Matt Uelmens Score i just recently found out that Torchlight and K-Pop is... the ****.
  • HungryHungry Posts: 68
    I'm looking for people to play with, too. I'm not on Steam. My Runic ID is Hungry1. Feel free to add me.
  • GoosePantsGoosePants Posts: 266
    I'll play but I won't play with anyone who uses any mods, or cheats.
  • VangprideVangpride Posts: 2
    I looking for players too. My Steam ID is Vangpride. I do play with mods however.
  • drenzdrenz Posts: 93
    Happy to add anyone who wants to play TL2 (vanilla is fine, but I love Synergies)

    uniquefrequency on steam
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