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steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=141154291
non-steam download: http://www.runicgamesfansite.com/vbdownloads.php?do=download&downloadid=441

Challenge yourself and your character with endless monsters that level up as you kill them.

The map with be a random drop in-game, or can use command "Challenge001_AG" in the command console to drop the map at your location in game. Map Works map seller is also likely to carry the map.

This challenge uses all monsters in the game in a new random order you enter the dungeon (this means everything from simple skeletons to bosses).
If you exit the dungeon the dungeon will reset.
There is a HARD mode switch which will triple the number of simultaneous monsters.
Once you enable hard mode you will be able to enable ULTRA mode which will spawn additional monsters every 10 seconds.

Note that there is a respawn switch in the dungeon which will kill off all monsters in the dungeon and respawn new monsters. This is needed because TL2 has some creatures in game flagged as monsters even though you can not attack them, sort of like NPCs, so if you find yourself stuck with no monsters simply flip the respawn switch.

Note also that these monsters do provide XP, but do not drop loot.



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    A note to anyone who plans on making a level where every time you kill a monster more monsters appear (in a respawn multiplication loop): GETTING THE LOGIC TO DO THIS is a pain. The major catch is that when you tell a spawner to spawn a monster it will only accept one command at a time, meaning if you tell it to spawn 2 monsters you have to separate the requests by a delay otherwise it will only spawn 1 monster (or whatever your spawner base number is), which becomes a hassle if you need to dynamically spawn 10 then 20 then 2 then 5 etc based on some other logic piece...

    The way I did it is a little complicated, but basically...
    - Set a kill counter to track how many monsters are killed. Set this counter to activate/spawn on every subtract.
    - Set a timer to keep decrementing the kill counter. (nice thing is you can make timer use small times like 0.1seconds) set this timer to disabled by default.
    - Set a second counter to activate and reset from 0 to 1. Set this to "add" every time a monster is killed. When it activates it need to enable the time.
    - Set a third counter to track how many monsters are killed, but set this counter to activate when it hits 0. The above timer needs to decrement this counter as well. Then when this counter activates it needs to disable the timer.
    - To multiply the number of monsters spawned simply create additional counters set to activate and reset from 0 to 1. Set this to "add" every time a monster is killed. When it activates it need to add to the primary kill counter at the top of this list. For each of these additional counters you will get an additional monster.

    Hopefully that makes sense and I didn't miss anything.

    ...I wonder if there was/is an easier way... (it seems there are some basic logic functions missing from GUTS, but as you can see there are workarounds :D )


    This is in reference to the second dungeon challenge I created as mentioned here: http://forums.runicgames.com/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=55295
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