[Looking for Members] Sons of Aubrax

tallariantallarian Posts: 6
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Hey all people!
I'm the Guild Leader of Sons of Aubrax. and you may now think ''What is Sons of Aubrax?''
Well sons of aubrax are a new started community of players. Both newbies and veterans are accepted. We are struggling with a friendly and honest group. To bring new players towards each other and establish a functional trading routh between players. Right now we are just a few people but we are aiming for a higher goal. Trying to have weekly runs, streams and other fun events. We have 0 tolerans of members harassing and insulting each other. Since our goal is a friendly community so are these behaviors not acceptable at all. So if anyone are intrested just add me on steam. (since it's a steam group)

I am tallarian. Easy to find. I have an Archon from starcraft 2 as avatar.

See you soon Brothers and Sisters - Tallarian


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