Altering Existing Class Sizes

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Hello everyone! New to the forums here, and hoping that one of you can help me with a little issue I've run into while feeling out the Torchlight 2 Editor.

While I'm pretty new to this modding scene, I'd like to try something simple for my first mod by altering the scale of the classes (ie, making the Engineer shorter and broader to appear more Dwarven, making the Berserker larger overall to be comparable in size to the Destroyer from Torchlight 1, etc.)

... and so far I've figured out how to load a model in the layout viewer and alter the scale using the arrows. But when I save the layout and then the mod, these changes do not seem to show up in-game. This is probably really simple, so if one of you knows of a particular tutorial that I've missed when using the "search" function, I would appreciate it just as much if you could point me in that direction.

Of course all of this is assuming that you can affect these kinds of changes to each class model's scale using only GUTS (though it seems odd that you'd have a button for altering the scale and then be incapable of making permanent changes) and don't need Blender or 3DsMax -- if these ARE necessary, I'd like to know.

I've also noticed a "Bone Modifiers" option under Data Editors/ Units/ Players, and that there is some variation between Berserker and all other classes (and I know that Berserker is already a bit larger than the other classes to start with), so I'm wondering if this plays a part somehow?

Any help you can offer would be really appreciated!
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