Cant play with friends on steam

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Im having some problems getting in my friends game (he is on steam, im not)
im on version and he is on version
I cant imagine that runic games doesnt have this patch available somewhere, but i simply cannot find it. (i found one, but its taking forever)
Its kind of rediculous imho. I dont understand why the same game is on different patches, on the steam platform, and on the download from runic itself.

Can someone point me in the right direction? mayb its possible to migrate to steam somehow? or runic does have a patch somewhere?



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    You both have the latest version if I am reading the version numbers correctly. the third set of numbers just tells Runic if you have the Steam version or the Runic version. Both are the same patch.

    You both will have to have the same language settings to play and also a runic account linked to the game if playing on Steam to play online with the match maker. It makes no difference if you have a Runic or Steam version.

    Also mods might have a barring in this as well since you would have to have the same mods and at the same version.

    You might also need to open up some ports on your router if you are using one or allow TL2 to access the internet if using a software firewall or security program.
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