New player looking for other new players...

IceCrystalIceCrystal Posts: 4
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So I just bought the game and have played for 7 hours in which I'm a currently level 15 berserker. I was wondering if any other new players around my level or playtime wanted to play online together?

I'm only looking for 1 person and maybe only 2 if more people respond...We would be playing on veteran ( I'm on normal and haven't passed act 1 yet) and having fun getting though the game. English only!

Current Mods I'm using:
-Bagmod lite (v.7)
-Better Loot Colors
-Enhanced Character Creation
-More Pet Skins
-Slimmer Loot Borders
-unidentified are yellow
-unusable items are red

( I might download any mods your using if they don't change to much)


  • psn_NashtheLion or just NashtheLion

    I just got the game and I'm looking for new people.
  • VangprideVangpride Posts: 2
    Hey im new, i got the synergies mod and paladin mod. Lmk
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