Steps for Animation out of Max 2010/11/12/13/14

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(Made you look - you thought this was a tutorial right? Since there isn't any afaik... I have googled.)

I see there is talk about trying to get the sdk for later versions of max to make the exporter compatible. Is there an ETA on this? In the meantime. What do we use if we are doing complete characters? Not just weapons? I'm kinda stuck up a tree.

The Easy Ogre Exporter names the mesh file after the actual model in the scene. So you get the m_ in front. Then it names the skeleton files after the name you put into the save as on export. In other words, it ends up a mess, which will not allow any more than one skeleton file to be seen by the editor.

MaxOrgre at least the current free version adds an . to the end of the filename. So you end up with model..mesh versus model.mesh. It also doesn't seem to export the skeletons correctly for even one to be seen in the editor let alone game(using the 1.7 export since Tl2 this version).

Maybe there is a specific way and naming I am missing using these exporters? I have spent days trying to figure out workarounds with them. The best I can do is get a static model in game and one linked skeleton via Easy Ogre.

There is the xml format convertor, you stil need a plugin that will export mesh compatible xml files. Which at least Easy Ogre only does binaries. In short.. Help!


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    I imagine this will only be partially useful, but I wrote up a tutorial for exporting stuff for Torchlight 1 from Autodesk Maya, which does include a section on exporting animations. Take a look at it and see if it helps clarify the things you need to do for exporting Ogre animations. (This is about as helpful as I probably can be since I'm not much of a Max user.) ... sland:4829

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    I think I figured out a method using the xml and the Easy Ogre Exporter. I will post at a later date after I make sure everything works correctly. Needless to say its a PITA that requires editing each and every file.
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    Forgot to give the steps. Here they are.

    Preparing Mesh:

    Drag Mesh to OgreXMLConvertor
    Open the new xml file and find skeleton line.
    Change to.
    skeletonlink name="Name of Mesh.skeleton" />

    Perparing Skeleton:

    Detach nubs if using Biped.
    Drag Skeleton to OgreXMLConvertor
    Open the new xml file and find animation line.
    Change to Bind if default skeleton. Otherwise name of animation file.
    name="name of animation file"
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