New Player here. Have JSP fg And D3 acct FT

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Just looking for someone to help me get started. Know i wanna play a berserker crit. Have been playing diablo 3 and just got sick of it.


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    TL2 is not really like D2 or D3. if your looking to juice up your character, you can just download a sharedstash. there's a post somewhere on this forum with a list of links.

    actually, there are a lot of ways to jump start a character, from downloading sharedstashes with legendary or modded items, to installing mods that give you infinite cash.

    anyway, unique or legendary drops are fairly common in torchlight2, especially in certain areas like tarroch's tomb in NG+. and a lot of times, a player will just give you items since many keep multiple copies of the same item for testing or rolling enchants.

    in my experience, the competition over items and level you find between players in the diablo franchises is practically nonexistent in TL2.

    with good movement (i.e. kiting, dodging), any level below elite is very doable. the real challenge is completing HCE with no shared stash, or no area rerolling. after completing softcore and experimenting with a couple builds and items, I'm trying to do this without using the shared stash, e.g. all items must be found by me.

    this is a personal challenge. has nothing to do with competition. it is really, really hard. I've yet to pass luminous arena in act 2.
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