New Female Outlander, looking for some buddies!

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Hello fellow TL2 people! Brand new player here, level 15 Outlander looking for some people to play with online, whether it's a guild or not, friendly teamplayer, not sure where to start. I beat Diablo 3 and didn't feel the need to beat it like 3 more times, tried Path of Exile and the attack formatting and graphics frustrated me. A friend lead me to Torchlight II, swearing that I'll like it. Long story short, love it! Just slowly making my own Outlander build and trying to level a bit before each quest.

Anyone wanna play, let me know! :D

Much love,
Lady Crowe


  • LadyCroweLadyCrowe Posts: 9
    Okay make that nearly level 30, hehe. lol
  • heya,
    I'm down to play. i'm usually on at night. after ten eastern time, but i'm usually up pretty late and can get some time in. its much easier to get ahold of me on steam. look me up. names plaguewielder. i've been playing an 80 engineer but have some other toons, or maybe we could just start something fresh. let me know.
  • ovshanevoovshanevo Posts: 2
    Hi! I'm new to the game too, Level 12 Berserker. Feel free to buddy me--ovshanevo.
  • i think my actual name in game is dynamomaximo, feel free to add me, both of you.
  • tallariantallarian Posts: 6
    If you are interested I can invite you to a guild of mine :)
    Just post your steam name and a invite will pop up :)
  • Greetings to Lady Crowe and all you other fine fellows. What's the haps?

    So feel free to add me on Steam, the name is Senator A-Bomb.

    When do ya'll usually play? I'm on the west coast and I'm usually on in the evenings.
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