Freeze chance ABOVE 100%???

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According to the wiki, Iceshock has MORE than a 100% chance to freeze targets when maxed.

Why is it above 100%. Is there a situation where freeze would be reduced so I'd need that extra percentage? (e.g., in Diablo 2/3, certain status effects have their chances or durations reduced on higher difficulties)


  • SubadaiSubadai Posts: 2
    I would assume this to be the case, otherwise why bother displaying anything but 100% on the description? I would imagine ice elementals and other ice-based creatures would have resistance that is subtracted from the base chance.
  • zekromzekrom Posts: 114
    champions and bosses resist freeze chance. elementals have high ice armor but otherwise nothing special.
  • i thought that it would be furious but once i found it i really got nothing point in my mind guys
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