Runic's Top 10 Helpful Hints for Torched

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So here is the top 10 list of helpful hints for the editor. ( We're going to add one every 15 minutes - why? Because ...... well because. )

1) Want to run the game and run the editor - You can do it but it'll be slow; that is unless you pause the editor. Under the properties tab( right side of the editor ) is three tabs. Click on the properties tab and the second to last value will be pause. Setting this to true and then minimizing the editor will allow the game to run at normal FPS.

2) Objects and Properties – Creating objects can be done on the left hand side of the editor( via the right click ) and the properties of each object appears on the right hand side of the editor after selecting the object you created.

3) The Room Piece Palette – Want to see what pieces you can use to create rooms and dungeons? Well just click on the view option in the top left hand corner of the window. There you will see a Palette. Clicking on that will bring up a new window with lots of check mark options. I recommend checking “Lava” and then “Floor”. What your doing when you do this is filtering the pieces. Checking Lava will show you all the pieces that belong in the lava tile set. Clicking on floors shows you all the floor pieces in Lava( or if you didn’t click lava it will show you all the floor pieces in the entire game ).

4) Lets Play – You can actually play in the editor. To do this simply create a new “Room Piece” which you can find by right clicking on the left side of the Torched Window. You should see a pull down with a folder named Building Blocks, which you should find “Room Piece” in. Once you create a room piece clicking on it inside the layout window( on the left ) or in the render window will highlight it. On the right side of the window will be the properties. Make sure you change its position to 0,0,0 and bring up your Room Piece Palette. Following #2 above you should find a floor piece called “Cave:floor_blank_01” – just double click it. Your room piece should look like a floor piece now and then all you have to do is press the play button found in the top left corner of the window. The button should turn to a stop afterwards. If you want to return to editing just click the stop button. ( posted at 3:09 - sorry it's late was attempting to figure out an issue with the editor )

5) Console Commands – Want to just always start being in **** mode when you play in the editor? Or be level 15 with all stats being 1000? In the options menu( see #1 ) you will see a property called “Console Autorun”. Just type in what you want to enter in the console and it’ll be executed when you go into game mode. I always start with "godspeed" and "allstats 1000". ( posted at 3:28 )

6) Moving Around – Moving around in the render window is done with the WSAD keys. Much like a First Person Shooter - pan around with your mouse and move with the WSAD key. To move up and down use the Q and E buttons. And yes before anybody asks – you can remap them. Pressing R will reset the camera to 0,0,0 or if you have a piece selected will move the camera to that position. ( posted at 3:43 )

7) Arrow Keys and Cloning – Want to clone piece and move them around quickly? First select a piece in the editor – I recommend following hint #3. Once selected start using the arrow keys. Each piece in the editor is assigned snap values. You should see – for example – a room piece snapping around while pressing the arrow keys. Now if you hold shift and use the arrow keys you’ll notice you can clone the room piece and they should fit together perfectly. NOTE – the keys orientate to the view you are looking, so the up arrow should always move your piece into the monitor. ( posted at 4:07 )

8) Editor Scenes – There are three different Editor Scenes( tabbed windows on the far left of the window ). They are model viewer, Particles and Layouts. Each scene has specific objects you can create. For example the Particle scene allows you( as you could imagine ) to create particles. The Layout scene allows you to layout rooms and place created particles. The Model viewer scene just allows you view and editor models. All three scenes can run at the same time. Clicking on the Eye icon at the bottom of the tabbed window will hide the scene. ( posted at 4:21 )

9) Templates – Want a template to just start making rooms with – fast? You should find a template layout in each layout folder(media\layouts\). For example if you are working on making a caves room you should find the template at : media\layouts\cavetemplate.layout ( posted 4:42 )

9.5) Quests – Setting up a room to work with specific quests being completed or active? Under the Options tab you will find two options. Active Quests and Completed Quests. Any quest created will show up for you to make active or completed when you play in the editor. This is a great way to test. ( posted 4:57 )

MAHAHAHAHA sorry I had to put that 9.5 in there! Just had to!

10) Modify Town( without actually modifying it ) – Want to add something to the town? Don’t modify the town directly! Simply create a layout link and position it at 0,0,0. Then make that layout link point to the town. Then place whatever you like in town. Once you have everything setup, delete the layout link that is pointing to town and save the new layout in your mod directory under media\layouts\town\1x1single_room\merge\

And just to let everybody know we have a gold build packaging right now. We were hoping to have a download link here for ya but things happen. Once it's posted live we'll post a link to where to download it. I hope everybody has fun running the editor. If you have questions about how the editor works please come online and post. We really want everybody to make some really great mods and if the community works together there is going to be some AWESOME mods. Thanks everybody.

and I just found a bug. We need to fix this one. So we are back to making a new build and then testing again. Sorry everybody we were doing so well. Travis is making a post right now.


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