max magic damage?

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Need some help with the magic stat.I'm play alchemist and pumping most of my points into magic and a few with defense.Is there a cap to the amount of damage you can put out.Like in Skyrim you can increase your armor stat past but the actual cap in 587 or something like that.So far I'm level 40 and magic stat is 117 with damage 735-1469 and dexterity is 99 with 918-1835.


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    Well, I have on occasion hit with 180,000+ damage (on a crit), so I'm gonna say no, there is no practical limit,

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    180,000??? wtf? how?
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    zek, you may not remember but we discussed this once before.

    Now, 180,000 hits is a number from memory, hence inherently unreliable, but I have certainly hit well north of 100,000, back in the days when I was into maxing out various high-speed rifles.

    I had (and still have though not playing it) a 5000+ DPS Ribauldequin. I have a set of gear which, combined with the weapon's buffs and full Crit Strike Skill, gives guaranteed Crits. That same set of gear and weapon and Skill gives some not-specifically recalled but relatively enormous % bonus to crit damage. I was fighting in those days on deeper levels using max Ricochet Skill on my main trigger. Finally, of the factors I can recall, this was with a level 100 Character that had been built with 1 Def / 4 Dex at every level. With a few Blind Eels & suit bonuses, Character's modified Dex was around 640, nominal Ranged Damage was about 15,000+, Magic Damage was ~8000+.

    OK, I just went and looked and I don't have a 5000+ DPS rifle any more; 3770 DPS is the highest I have in stock. Maybe I lost it an erroneously deleted character back before my Torchlight hiatus.
    Now I am beginning to doubt my memory of highest crit hit achieved. Maybe it was 80,000?? Oh Well. I'm about to retire...I guess I will just have to spent some weeks, go back and recreate the weapon and the circumstances. What a burden. Woe is me. (heh, heh, heh.)

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    see viewtopic.php?f=19&t=13674&p=191085&hilit=ribauldequin#p191085
    for our original discussion. I was wrong in memory. At the time, when I was using the highly enchanted rifles regularly in the game, I cited only seeing 80,000+ hits consistently, with Ricochet, super Crit gear, lvl 100, etc.

    About 2 months later, in forum discussion with perichtone,
    I refer a 140,000 pt Crit hit, so maybe I had pumped some of the gear a little since the earlier discussion.

    That is probably the best I have ever seen. 180,000 was just inflated memory, combining the 80,000+ from our earlier discussion with one or two outstanding, 100K+ hits from a bit later. Sorry.

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    Well, I just got out my max rifle, at 3770 DPS, and made a light run with my available lvl 100 Vanq. She has max Crit Strikes Skill, and her effective Dex is 578, effective Rng Dam goes up to 12514, effective Mag Dam goes to 6933.

    She is NOT wearing my best gear, just the "working clothes" she has substuted since making lvl 100 (mostly rares enchanted to ~10 layers.) The "working gear" is quite good, but the best stuff would probably run her Dex up to well over 600, and nominal Rng'd Hits up to 15,000+.

    On this run, today, using lvl 10 Ricochet exclusively for all shots, I was making normal hits ranging between 35,000 and 52,000...and I was making Crits consistently above 132,000.

    So I feel confident that 20 months ago with a fully geared out character showing a higher effective Dex, I was easily making Ricochet Crits over 140K, and perhaps occasionally well over.

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    yeah i remember our discussion. the posts from 2nd link are interesting. Peri misunderstood what u were saying though....that it was the ribauldequin and not the skill...

    Anyway i guess 140k is possible. Suppose the total damage (not dps) visible on the wpn is 1300 (adding all types). well itll be 650-1300.
    1300*2.74 (speed mult.) = 3560 (dps visible on wpn). you have 3770 dps rifle so total of types must be ~1380.
    suppose you have 640 dex. in char sheet you will see (690 - 1380)*(1+6.4+0.4) = 5380 - 10760. the 0.4 is for rng wpn expertise.
    upper limit is 10760. but u r seeing there must be magic attr and some %fire, %electric etc. increases.

    magic dmg is already included in 12514 btw. 12514=6933 magical + 5581 physical
    NOW this 12514 is totally useless for calculation as u must rarely be LEFT-hitting.
    so back to 3770 dps -> ric 198% -> 3770*1.96 = 7400
    again dex -> 7400*(1+6.4+0.4) = 57700

    see the difference? 12k vs 57k
    (690 - 1380) * speedmult * ricomult * dexbonus = 57k. but in left hitting, speedmult and ricomult are gone. so only 12k.
    now the critbonus -> 57k * (1 + ?) = 140k which means you have ? = 1.43. 143% crit dam bonus. actually 286% coz its halved.
    out of 286, 100 is always there (basic), 120 from crit strikes, leaving 60% from gear. Not surprising.

    what IS surprising is that you said guaranteed crits.. 100 critical chance??? u have 3 basic,10 from strikes, werd u get rest 87? its friggin impossible.
    also wtf luck? 15 layers and u added 1160(1380-220) damage? :shock: :shock: holy smokes!.... along with the crit chance....
    not to mention u HAD a 5000 dps wpn.
    220 dmg is the ribauld's basic or maybe 300 if it had enchants in start itself.

    i agree with the ribauld vs jagshard argument.
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    I did not say anything about "guaranteed" crits, at least not in that last post.
    (If I used the word "guaranteed" in some earlier post, I meant it only casually/colloquially, not precisely.)

    What I said in my last post was, "I was making normal hits ranging between 35,000 and 52,000...and I was making Crits consistently above 132,000."

    "Consistently" as in "quite often", and also as in "when crits occurred, the damage value was almost always north of 132K".

    I don't have that character geared up right now, but from memory I believe that at the time I did this test run, that character was rated for about 35-40% Crits.

    (When geared up with my best crit gear set, Crit rate IS ~90-100%; basic 3% + 10% max Crit Strikes + armor set w/ 17x Very Deadly Chaos Gems {gem total = +68 Crit%} + plus whatever is in the enchantments of the armor collectively {+5-10%} + the weapon has +8 Crit%.)

    ((I have been hoarding/preserving/embedding +4 Crit Chaos Gems for a very long time. Now if I just ever fish up those Secret Map components...))

    Also, the way that you get 15 or 25 layers enchantment on a weapon is that you start with a collection of about 3-6 collected similar mundane weapons, preferably ones which already have double sockets and a little bit of native enchantment. Then you make many, many, many runs with your level 100 character between the various Shrine locations in your completed campaign dungeon. If you have ~4-5 Shrines on various floors, the shallowest Shrine level should re-spawn by the time you have cycled through all the deeper ones, so you just gate out and run the course again, and again, and again. When a weapon fails and wipes, you continue pushing up the enchantments on the survivors. Do this process long enough (and wipe out a couple dozen candidate rifles along the way) and you will eventually get one surviving weapon up to the stratosphere of enchantment.

    Actually, you can do this with just one weapon, and start over each time it fails/wipes. However, somehow the tedium is psychologically more tolerable if you are sharing the enchantment risks among several candidate weapons.

    Or you can be a wuss and use a (hiss!, boo!) "no-fail" enchantment mod. But then you are playing Warped Torchlight or Watered Torchlight, and not the real MAN'S game!

    BTW - I think I said the following up above somewhere, but it may not have been very coherently stated.
    To wit: after re-examining my preserved characters and old posts recently, I have concluded that I never had a 5000-HP-range weapon. I think that the 3700-HP-range rifle is the pinnacle, so far. I was mis-remembering. Hey, if I can generate 140K Crit Hits with the current rifle and an optimized character and gear set, what would a 5000 do? 250K? I am quite sure I was never seeing strikes quite THAT high.

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